Which Furnishings Complete a Home? Check Out These 7 Items on Trend

Furniture pieces largely make up an interior design, and without them, a house won’t really feel like a home. However, when shopping for new furnishings, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. 

Today’s furniture trends will help you determine which ones are essential and practical to have. Here are some of them: 

Biodegradable Furniture 

The simplest and most common example of biodegradable furniture is any wooden item. It can sprout from the earth and go back to it after degrading naturally. Solid wood pieces can last an average of 10 to 15 years before they show signs of aging.

There are many ways to incorporate wood into your home. It can be used for your bedframe, dresser, and chairs. Or, you can have a wooden table that also serves as a bold statement piece. 

The rise of biodegradable furniture is aligned with the comeback of biophilic design, which harmonizes modern architecture with the natural world. 

Multi-Purpose Pieces

Why buy multiple furnishings if you can have one with different functions? Such convenience is one reason why multi-functional furniture is gaining popularity. Think coffee table that can be converted into a workstation or storage furniture that doubles as an accent piece.

The search for multifunctionality stems from the reality that everything can now be done at home. For some, however, buying multi-purpose items is an eco-friendly choice. Because the more furnishings you take and dispose of later, the more our landfills will burst at the seams.

Items with Rounded Corners

Curved furniture is subconsciously read as safe and kid-friendly furniture. By using it for the children’s bedroom or study area, parents need not worry about pointy edges or sharp objects that can pose harm. 

Curved furniture also looks good and feels good. Items with round corners can soften rooms and introduce a stylish, sculpted look. A crescent sofa, for instance, evokes feelings of comfort and would go well in a home with a luxurious, modern design.


With more time spent indoors, many have rediscovered the pleasure of reading and collecting books, thus the comeback of bookshelves or bookcases. More than a place for books, these furniture pieces can present one’s tastes and treasures.

As you would have seen in the Zoom background of a colleague or celebrity, a bookshelf can be a home to a few sculptural pieces, collections, and even houseplants.

Modern Pet Furniture 

Pets do influence home-buying decisions, indicating that pet-friendly furnishings are also essential. Shops like Pottery Barn, IKEA, and Crate and Barrel have lines for pets, and they sell pet furniture that goes “purrfectly” well with modern interior designs.

In a world where pet owners have transformed into “pawrents,” there’s now a demand for dog beds, cat caves and condos, and even ramps that allow pets to access high surfaces like beds and couches.

Textured Furniture 

Comfort has been the priority of many since the pandemic hit and sent everyone home. This strengthened the role of textured furniture in home decorating, which can add warmth and coziness to a space. Anything furry is comfy and welcoming. Meanwhile, a cool and smooth marble table can emulate opulence.

Textured mirrors, vases, and other home accessories also add character to one’s home. But be careful not to use too many competing finishes as this could lead to a lack of continuity or direction in style.

Indoor-Outdoor Furniture 

As the name suggests, these furniture pieces are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. They usually have materials like rattan, metal, and wood, designed to resist moisture damage and mold. 

Using them indoors gives you the benefit of having long-lasting items, while having them outdoors ensures maximum comfort. Place them in your landscaped garden or backyard, and you can do just about anything: eat, lounge, or throw parties. 

All these furniture pieces will encourage you to look at your home and assess if you’ve got the essential ones. Ultimately, you want your furniture to match your interior design to establish that pleasing sense of order. 

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