Big Backyard Benefits: What Can You Do With This Green Space?

A piece of nature that enables physical activity—this is what you’ll get when you have a living space with a big backyard.

It’s no secret that yards support increased outdoor time and often encourage homeowners to engage in gardening. But besides this laid-back activity, there’s so much more to do with a big backyard. 

With this feature, you’ll find that there’s no need to step outside your home to make some of the most epic life memories. 

Here are some activities to give you and your loved ones that backyard fun:

Scavenger Hunt with the Kids

­Keep the young ones busy and away from digital devices by having a scavenger hunt in your backyard. This activity can also be educational since kids will learn to collaborate with others and approach basic problem-solving.

In a scavenger hunt, you may instruct children to find household items, toys, or colored objects that are hidden within the backyard. You can also link the activity to holidays like Easter Sunday.

A fun idea would be to hide eggs marked with different letters. The goal is for children (who are still learning the alphabet) to look for eggs with letters found in their names. 

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Picnics with the Parents

Planning for a special day for mom next month on Mother’s Day? If you have a big backyard, then you already have a sunny, breezy spot for a good old-fashioned picnic. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate without breaking the bank, plus your mom will appreciate a relaxing meal where she doesn’t need to cook (and clean up after).

Then in June, when we celebrate Father’s Day, you can again set up the yard for the event. Host a backyard bash, prepare his favorite fixings, and prepare lawn games to bring out his competitive side. 

Outdoor Movie with the Family

 ­A backyard movie night can be a low-prep fun activity with the family. If you already have a projector and speakers, you can set up the yard right away. As for the screen, you can simply use a white fabric sheet or invest in a tripod projector screen for instant setup. 

While decorating the yard, don’t forget to make the seating comfy by adding pillows, cushions, and blankets. You can also set the scene by adding some string lights and a cozy table for the popcorn and drinks. 

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Camp with Friends

Love camping but not the packing and long travel that come with it? With a big backyard, you can camp and sleep under the stars any time during summer. Invite your friends over and have a go at pitching your own tent and outdoor cooking adventures.

Having a fire pit would be ideal for recreating the genuine camping experience. But if you’d rather have a convenient way to eat around the fire, you may use a small charcoal grill. Roast hotdogs, toast marshmallows, or cook up veggies in packets while sharing spooky or amusing stories throughout the night. 

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Get Married with “The One”

For couples who haven’t tied the knot, having a civil garden wedding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you have a vast backyard. But it is possible.

While civil weddings are often held in a public place like the mayor’s office, you can choose to have yours right in your backyard if you wish to. Note, however, that the officiant’s rate may be higher in this case. 

Likewise, having a backyard wedding is ideal if you want the celebration to be smaller and more intimate than usual. At the same time, it’s a smart choice if you have highly specific needs, a restricted budget, and older guests that may be inconvenienced by long travels. 

Going for a backyard wedding is also a way to make your home literally a place of love and a strong reminder of your long-term commitment. The fun part is that if you have furry friends, you can let your pups walk down the aisle and be included in the day’s festivities. 

With all these activities (and more) that can be done in a backyard, this green space is definitely a desirable feature for homeowners. If you already have one, use it to its full potential and make every backyard memory count.

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