Do Pets Influence Home-Buying Decisions?

These days, many homeowners and property seekers have pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a reptile, pets have become a part of the family. As such, they heavily influence home-related decisions. All of us want to make sure that our pets can live in comfort as much as we do, and because of that, they’ve become factors to consider whenever we want to purchase or rent a new property. 

Many developments have taken significant steps to create pet-friendly environments to cater to pet owners looking to move into a new condominium or subdivision. However, some set limits on certain pets, including their size or type. As the number of pet-owning property seekers grows, many realtors and developments are adjusting to the demand for pet-friendly environments. As a property buyer or renter, you have more options in the market.

Pets influence homebuying decisions. Below are some of the preferences of pet lover-property seekers:

Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods

Property seekers are looking for neighborhoods that have like-minded people. Pet owners would want to live in a place where there are also other pet owners that they can approach and talk to. The simple thought of living next to another pet parent gives a sense of security, a peace of mind that the neighborhood is safe for families and their pets. 

When scouring different communities for your next home, check the diversity of pets in your neighborhood. These days, more pet owners are welcoming to the idea of owning more exotic pets such as reptiles, amphibians, rodents, and certain species of birds, among others. It would be a great idea to check if the neighborhood you are moving into is also welcoming to such pets and if specific provisions are required for them to be allowed into the home.

Another indication that a neighborhood is pet-friendly is an active community organizing events for animals. Some communities will have specific activities for pet owners, such as festivals and fundraisers for local shelters. Others conduct holiday-themed events, allowing residents to showcase their pets in their different costumes fitting a certain theme.

Pet Amenities 

Pet facilities are important for pet lovers because they’re able to do leisure activities with their pets and run errands without necessarily leaving the neighborhood. Moreover, these curated amenities show how the developers would be willing to adapt to pets. Some of the must-have facilities people look for are play areas and washing stations. 

While many developers are open to adjusting to homes with pets, pet owners should still be aware that they have certain responsibilities to fulfill. Such responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning up after your pets
  • Pet-proofing your house or specific areas of your home
  • Letting pets socialize with other animals and with people to make sure that they aren’t aggressive during interactions
  • Having regular check-ups with the veterinarian
  • Making sure that your pets’ vaccinations are up to date
  • Helping pets get regular exercise
  • Allowing pets to express their natural behavior indoors

Aside from amenities within the community, the home’s proximity to facilities, like veterinary clinics, grooming salons, and daycare centers likewise matters. Developments close to these establishments are more appealing to pet owners because they won’t have to travel far to get pet essentials. 

Pet-Friendly Interiors

Picking up from pet amenities within the home, property seekers are also looking for developments with designated areas and features for their pets. This could include doggy doors, windows, and porches. 

There are also pet owners looking for developments that can cater to senior pets. Some homeowners may be on the hunt for properties that have interiors that include pet-friendly flooring, pet beds, and storage areas. While it could be a long shot to find a property with pet-friendly interiors, it’s never impossible, especially with the market right now, where most millennial property seekers have pets.

Outdoor Spaces and Parks 

Most developments such as condominiums and subdivisions have outdoor spaces and parks that residents can access. These developments appeal to pet owners because they allow them to take their dogs outside for walks. Developments with fenced backyards are also very appealing to property seekers because they can let their pets roam the area freely without any risks. 

Pets are a big part of the family. They need to be in a home where they can thrive as much as humans do. Thus, they influence the home buying and interior design decisions of property seekers. As pet owners, the neighborhood or area that we choose must be where our beloved companions can freely roam and grow. 

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