The Perfect First Home: Top Outdoor Amenities for Active Couples

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The number one rule in finding the perfect home is to consider one’s lifestyle. The way you live your life should dictate your address, the size of the residence, and your home buying budget. There’s one more vital factor thrown into the mix for those who lead an active lifestyle: the recreational amenities. 

At the very least, your neighborhood must have a jogging path if you and your spouse love to kickstart the day with a good cardio workout. But ideally, you want to settle in a community that has a variety of leisure facilities that will make it easier for you to do what you’ve always loved.

These outdoor amenities make up the perfect starter home for couples trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle:

Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the best workout routines, targeting a range of fitness areas, from cardiovascular endurance to flexibility and balance down to weight loss. With a swimming pool readily available in your community, you can easily add this activity to your everyday habit. Add this to your must-have amenities as you scout for your next home.

One condo community in Alabang has been taking the spotlight, as it is curated with different kinds of water amenities. Anuva Residences, a project by trusted developer SOC Land, has a 50-meter lap pool, an adult pool, and a kiddie pool. A lazy river cuts through the development, an iconic feature that brings a refreshing sight for active couples. Enhancing the relaxing atmosphere further, the cascades and meditation pool forms part of the amenity strip of Anuva Residences.

Anuva Residences’ Swimming Pool – Artist’s Illustration

The kiddie pool isn’t the only child-friendly water feature in the vertical community. It hosts a water play area designed specifically to entertain kids and protect their safety. In the future, when you decide to grow your family in this condo community, your children will have a safe space for their own physical activities. 

Seeking to promote a vibrant active lifestyle in the community, SOC Land deliberately incorporated the outdoors and nature into the residential enclave. They dedicated 80% of the development to open spaces dotted with a variety of wellness amenities and leisure features.

Basketball Court

Almost any neighborhood in the Philippines has a basketball court. Your own community must have one. Even if you don’t play basketball, the open space of the court is a valuable area for fitness activities. You can, for instance, practice badminton grip and footwork or have a pilates session with other couple-neighbors. Your future children will also better appreciate traditional Filipino outdoor games in this amenity.

Anuva Residences’ Basketball Court – Artist’s Illustration

In Anuva Residences, a basketball court is among the prized amenities scattered in the vast, open space. Featuring an amphitheater, the court allows residents to catch exciting matches and host their own sports events. One of the four tandem towers in the development, the Aurora, hosts the sports and hobbies amenities.

Jogging Paths

Running and jogging help build strong bones and muscles, while improving cardiovascular fitness. It’s one of the easiest workout routines that don’t require any equipment. You only need a safe jogging path to get into the sweat session. Anuva Residences features jogging paths all over its vicinity. What’s more, these jogging paths, as well as the other leisure spaces, are designed with your safety in mind. 

Anuva Residences – Artist’s Illustration

The developer strategically placed the amenity deck away from the roads to avoid motor traffic in the area where residents would spend most of their time in. You can have the peace of mind that you and your significant other are protected from any vehicular casualties when working out.

Yoga and Meditation Area 

Similar to swimming and running, yoga is a popular exercise among fitness enthusiasts. If you’re into this mind-body exercise, then you should look for a home that has a dedicated space for such an activity. In Anuva Residences, you will find a yoga and meditation deck with a backdrop of nature. Working out here, you will definitely discover a calming, rejuvenating session with your spouse, a good start for a busy day or a nice nightcap.

Anuva Residences features plenty more leisure spaces for easing the stress of the body and mind. For one, it has a sky lounge that offers amazing views of Laguna de Bay and the Makati skyline. There are also landscaped gardens sprawled across the development, which help temper the heat in the area. Along with the strategic orientation of the residential towers designed to promote cooling, you can rest assured that your actual unit will have a comfortable temperature all year round.

Anuva Residences’ Two-Bedroom Unit – Actual Photo

The one-bedroom and two-bedroom units in Anuva Residences have their own “outdoor spaces.” They feature a balcony, which you and your partner can design as a mini workout studio for more yoga and pilates sessions.

An active lifestyle requires a certain kind of home and community. The outdoor amenities matter, above all else. Know more about Anuva Residences and the deals and discounts offered by SOC Land at the Lamudi Online Housing Fair.


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