Top 7 Gifts to Give New OFW Homeowners

The spirit of giving is most vibrant during the Christmas season. For many of your real estate clients, especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the best gift they offer to their families isn’t wrapped in fancy wrappers or bows, but opened with keys. You yourself gave them the opportunity to move into a place where kids would grow up, spouses grow old, and families grow stronger.

But if you want to make this season merrier and brighter for them, make every effort to make them at home in their new residence. Below are some items they would surely appreciate:

Painting of Their Home

Honor your OFW clients’ hard work by capturing the life-long dream they achieved in a piece of art. They can hang this on their living room walls or hallway, easily becoming an accent piece in their overall interior design. In fact, it may very well be a focal point of a room.

Ask your broker networks for referrals of the best artists in your area. Or, crowdsource on your social media pages. Once you got your painter, send them a picture of your client’s home. Deliver the painting with a short housewarming note in a Christmas card.

Location Map

Another way to let your clients remember their dream home is by giving them a location map. Whenever they see it walking in the hallway or going up the stairs, they will remember the blood, sweat, and tears they shed just to be in their current address

If your client already decided on the theme of their interiors, match it with the design of the map. If they’re going for a zen, minimalist space, line art of a map is a good choice. If they’re more into antique furnishings, a vintage-looking map would be a fitting gift.

Free Design Consultation

Speaking of interior design, why don’t you arrange a meeting between your client and a designer? If they haven’t furnished their home yet, and have asked you for recommendations of professionals, take that opportunity to shoulder the fee of the initial consultation.

In case that’s a little over budget, perhaps you can strike up a deal with a designer to decorate only a part of the home for Christmas. A well-put-together dinner table during noche buena is a nice gift, isn’t it?

Home Furniture (or Appliances) Gift Card

Adding furnishings to the house comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Even the essential appliances will take a big chunk from your client’s budget. Remember, buying a property is already a big expense in itself. If your OFW clients can save more in furnishing their space, then it’s definitely a welcome gift.

Along with the gift card, you can perhaps send a tiny unique home decor, say, a vase or a throw pillow in a basket. With a furnished home, Christmas will be warm and cozy for the new homeowners.

Custom Decor Pieces

Of course, welcome mats bearing the homeowner’s family name is at the top of their list. But you can explore more creative ideas. From wooden chopping boards to cookie and candy jars to table linens, you can have these personalized.

In fact, you can have customized holiday decorations, tree ornaments, sock and stockings, and decorative balls. Just make sure not to go overly cheesy about personalization. The first letter of the family name would do, along with perhaps a beautiful signet.

Cleaning Service Gift Certificates

Although your clients will be moving to a clean home, for sure, they will be tidying up before the holiday celebrations start. Especially now in the time of the pandemic, being hygienic in every way is crucial. Take the house chores off their to-do list by giving them cleaning service gift certificates.

Check the reviews of the providers online. Or better yet, ask for referrals. You want to make sure that the professionals going inside your clients’ personal space are trustworthy.

Subscription Boxes

One of the golden rules in giving gifts is considering the personality of the recipient. With different kinds of subscription boxes out there, you will, for sure, find one that suits your client’s lifestyle preferences. What’s good is that these gift items last for months that you’ll be able to show appreciation to your clients more than once.

For those who have fur babies at home, send them boxes filled with healthy treats and durable toys. For those who became #plantitos and #plantitas during the lockdown, plant subscription boxes are a perfect gift.

Embrace the joyful spirit of giving this holiday season. Aside from family and friends, remember your clients, especially the OFWs who just moved to their new home. For sure, you’ll make this festive season a lot merrier for them.


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