Francine Diaz Tours New Home: 5 Tips to Furnish An Empty House

Hard work leads to success. Many people live by this saying to keep track of their goals and grind harder to reach them. Even famous celebrities work hard to provide for their families and experience a better life. 

One example is Francine Diaz, the eighteen-year-old star known as Cassie Mondragon in the hit TV series Kadenang Ginto. Diaz toured her brand new home in Karen Davila’s vlog on January 30, 2022. The actress’ new home is one of the fruits of her labor and a testament to her rags-to-gold experience.

Nung unang punta po namin ditotalagang white lang po siya lahat,” Diaz said, noting how empty the house was when she and her family first moved in. She also mentioned that the emptiness of her home overwhelmed them at first. “Ang luwag luwag po [nung bahay], parang ang dami mong gustong ilagay.”

Moving into a new house can overwhelm you, especially if you don’t know where to start to furnish and decorate a bare space. With so many interior design ideas available on the Internet, it’s easy to be confused about which styles and furniture pieces to incorporate.

Your new home doesn’t have to be empty for very long. Like Diaz, you can establish an abode that promotes comfort, safety, and warmth. Even your house for rent in Manila worth 5k can be a stylish residence. 

Here are five helpful tips to turn your empty space into the golden home you’ve always wanted:

Work With a Theme

If you look at Diaz’s home, you’ll notice white walls coupled with wooden elements and a neutral color scheme. The young actress consulted professionals to choose the right colored wooden textures, neutral furniture pieces, and industrial lighting fixtures to fit her new space.

It helps to decide on what interior theme you want for your space. That way, you’ll know which furniture and decor pieces to get for your home. Let’s say your new home has similar cream white walls and mostly clean lines. Suitable themes you may work on are:


A mix of modern and traditional interior designs, transitional style is excellent for upgrading old-style homes, such as colonial, Victorian, or Bahay-na-bato. It uses elements such as stone, dark woods, earthy reds, sage and olive greens, and neutral colors.


The modern design uses well-tailored features and crisp, straight lines. If you have a kitchen bar counter, soften the straight edges with round-cornered bar stools. Light wooden floors, Mid-century modern couches, and pop art pieces go well with a modern design.


This is the most sparse and minimalist of all the designs. Contemporary home designs live by the principle “less is more.” Each room only uses a few straightforward pieces. Starting with a few essential items is convenient if you’re on a budget and need to furnish your house for rent in Manila worth 5k.

Color selections are usually limited to gray, black, and white and paired with primary color accents. Metals and glass are primarily featured instead of wood. A contemporary design is also best for smaller cozy spaces, and if you want to highlight unique home features, such as large windows, tall ceilings, and fine architectural details.

Start With The Essentials

After you’ve chosen your home interior theme, it’s time to start with the essentials. It is easy to be confused on which aesthetic decor items to put in your home. However, your bare home should start with comfort and function before introducing eye-catching elements.

For instance, since the bedroom will be where you’ll spend most of your time, invest in high-quality beds and mattresses. There are many affordable bed options that don’t compromise on their durability and ability to promote comfortable sleep. Ample rest means you’ll have the energy and strength to continue furnishing and decorating your home.

If you plan to buy new appliances, get those that help you live every day. These may include a refrigerator, microwave oven, electric stove, and coffee maker. Having these devices in your kitchen lets you prepare meals to power and nourish you every day.

Other essentials include your broadband Internet connection and your work desk and chair. Choose a spot in your home that is brightly lit and has a good signal. The bareness of your home may also provide a spotless background for your virtual meetings.

Decorate One Room at a Time

Decorating the whole house is the fastest way to get stressed and overwhelmed. Save yourself from the hassle and discouragement of “not getting anywhere” by decorating one room at a time. 

Plan which rooms you want to furnish and decorate first. As mentioned earlier, begin with your bedroom! Then, transition to your living room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and other add-on spaces. If you live in a smaller house, say, a house for rent in Manila worth 5K, decorating two rooms at once may be possible. But if your home is a multiple-story house with more than two bedrooms like Diaz’s, stick to decorating one room at a time.

Don’t be afraid to designate different themes for each room. It’s a myth to stick with one theme for your enter home. If you want a minimalist living room and a rustic bedroom, go for it! Your home will feel more personal and will reflect your personality and preferences. But don’t forget to unify your rooms to establish a smooth flow. These elements could be a certain color or decor items that complement your home’s architectural style.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Diaz mentioned that while most of ther home’s elements are new and professionally designed, she talked about how her interior designer upcycled her old dining table. “Kasi kailan lang din namin [binili yung mesa] at nakakapanginayang naman kung bibili ulit ng bago.” 

Davila also noted that the chairs looked so stylish, to which Diaz replied it was also upcycled. “Meron na siyang foam…dati po kasi kahoy siya at masakit sa likod.” The actress’ choice to redesign old furniture pieces mirrors her rags-to-gold story.

Buying new furniture pieces can be quite expensive. If you’re not willing to spend on new furniture sets, consider upcycling and redesigning your old furniture. There are tons of DIY projects on adding faux fur to your love seat, fixing flaky leather, and adding wood stains to surfaces. By reusing and recycling your old furniture, you’ll save money and make room for antiques and family heirlooms.

Incorporate Nature

Natural elements add life and interesting textures to any home interior. Diaz mentioned that her mini garden is mostly her dad’s work as he is a plantito. The concrete plant bed has rows of Thailand bamboo, which Davila said is perfect for home gardens as they are tall and thin. This bamboo type also creates beautiful foliage that adds life to bare concrete walls.

Even if you’re not a plantito or plantita, house plants are ideal statements for indoors and outdoors. Choose hardy low-maintenance plants. Aloe vera, pothos, snake plants, and succulents are the best beginner-friendly greens. If you want more unique greens for your home, try a bonsai, fairy gardens, or terrariums!

As the saying goes, “success is sweet, but the secret is sweat.” Francine Diaz’s hard work as an up-and-coming actress paved the way for her to reach one of her dreams: a spacious, comfortable home for her family. 

Diaz’s bare home gradually blossomed into the well-decorated and furnished home that mirrors her success and personality. And like her, you can also slowly fill your new home with elements that cater to your comfort, style, and preferences. Use these five tips to turn your empty space into the home of your dreams.

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Photo via Karen Davila’s YouTube Vlog


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