Four Tips to Manage Your Online Leads Better

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In the past, it seemed as if internet-generated leads were exclusive to business entities who had their own websites. But with the continued advancement of social media and online business platforms, however, almost everyone is now able to collect potential leads and conduct their businesses online.

Websites like Lamudi, for example, have allowed brokers to connect to interested property buyers that are beyond the circle of people they know or meet in person.

Now, while the main goal of internet lead generation is indeed to produce as many leads as possible, the right management and nurturing of the said leads is ultimately what results in successful sales.

We’ve listed four ways that licensed real estate brokers can manage internet-generated leads—and successfully close a sale in the process.

1. The need for speed
The quicker the leads are contacted, the higher their chances of becoming qualified prospects. Remember, most leads go online for two reasons: for price shopping and for quick processing and responsive service. Granted, leads do have the ability to look at your competitors online, but duly contacting them and promptly answering their queries is indicative of your reliability and will invoke a sense of loyalty on their end. Wait too long, and they simply look or ask elsewhere.

2. If they do not convert yet, nurture them
Leads who view and ask about your listings are often not yet ready to buy. However, about 70 percent of them eventually do, and it is by nurturing them that you earn their business even before they make their decision.

Nurturing can be done by contacting leads periodically, providing them with updates on any price changes, or informing them of new properties available. It also goes back to meeting the previously mentioned need for speed and providing an immediate response to any property queries they may have.

3. Do not underestimate content
It is often mentioned in the online marketing industry that content is king, and this is for good reason. As previously mentioned, your leads are mostly online to do research more than to buy, and content is a good way to provide them with the information they need.

There are many ways to provide leads with relevant content. You can produce your own via blogs and newsletters, as well as through posts on different social media outlets. If your time is limited, you can also opt to send your leads links to relevant news and other articles.

4. Recognize lead temperament
In line with nurturing, you must understand the “temperament” of your leads. “Hot” leads are those raring to buy and just need to learn more about their options. Others may have a vested interest, but cannot buy at the current time. They can be considered “warm,” and the best ones to nurture. Then, there are also “cold” leads who are mostly just looking around. Categorizing leads and keeping them on file will allow you to better manage your efforts toward each.

Generating leads is one thing. Nurturing them for conversion takes is a step higher. And as with all industries, lead nurturing in real estate takes time to learn but one that will significantly reduce advertising costs and in turn, result in more sales.

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