Feeling Patriotic? Here are 12 Clever Ways to Celebrate Independence Day in Your Condo

Celebrating the nation’s 121st Independence Day on June 12 from more than three centuries of Spanish colonial rule need not be a non-event for residential condo dwellers. There is a myriad of ways to celebrate one of the country’s most important holidays despite not having a life-size flagpole in your unit with the Philippine flag valiantly waving.

With a ton of creativity and resourcefulness, celebrating this important historical milestone in your condo unit could be just as fun and memorable, especially when it’s celebrated with family and friends. It could also be the perfect opportunity to learn even a little bit more about the country’s historical journey and strengthen your patriotism for the motherland.

Tidy up and decorate

Celebrate Independence Day by being “free” from clutter! Identify items that no longer spark joy – from clothes to books, gadgets, and even furniture – and pass them on to people or institutions who might have a need for them.

Empire East Highland City, a 24-hectare township development by Empire East in Pasig-Cainta, will give rise to Highland Residences which will be smartly and elegantly designed to make them more spacious and offer breathtaking views of either the Metro Manila skyline or the mountains of the Sierra Madre. Future residents of this luxurious integrated uphill township could get a ton of inspiration from their surroundings.

If you plan on having some gatherings over lunch or dinner, you might want to transform your unit into a festive atmosphere and use some cut flower arrangements or potted plants to accentuate your dining area.

Have an Independence Day themed movie marathon

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Movies have a way of inspiring and rekindling patriotism. These also open our eyes to current social realities. Include the following in your lineup: Heneral Luna and Goyo Ang Batang Heneral by Jerrold Tarog, On the Job by Erik Matti, Bayaning 3rd World by Mike De Leon, Liway by Kip Oebanda, and Sunday Beauty Queen by Baby Ruth Villarama.  If future residents of Empire East Highland City prefer to watch something Independence Day-related, there are a number and a variety of cinemas at the luxury mall in the uphill community.

Enjoy a kakanin party

“Kakanin” is a general term that describes sweets made with glutinous rice and coconut milk. No legitimate Filipino merienda is complete without it. Gather friends and family for an afternoon with platefuls of biko, bibingka, suman, palitaw, sapin-sapin, pichi-pichi, puto, and ginataang bilo-bilo. Wash it all down with a cup of strong kapeng barako.

Deck out your unit, Filipiniana style

Bring out the throw pillow covers in red, white, and blue; hunt for sun and stars-themed coasters, mirrors, and other home accents stored in one of the cabinets; yellow flowers add a cheerful touch to any room. Show off those indigenous fabrics and wicker baskets and mats hand made by local artisans. Independence Day is one of those days when you can be loud and proud of your heritage.

Teach the little ones traditional games

Turn off the WiFi, give the tablets and gaming consoles a chance to rest and introduce the kids to the simple joys of sungka, piko, and patintero.

Bring out your inner artist

In the mood for introspection? Think about what it means to be a Filipino; draw, paint, or write about it.

Practice mindful consumption

Love for country means doing our share in conserving natural resources and thinking of ways to produce less waste. Start a pocket garden (there are many condo dwellers who are starting to grow their own herbs and vegetables), invest in reusable items (say no to plastic as much as possible!), and be practical when it comes to water and electricity use.

Organize an OPM only videoke session

The Filipino’s love for singing is legendary; no home is complete without a videoke system. Invite people over and belt out OPM classics, especially those from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. The more “senti” the song, the better.

Have a cook-off and hold a picnic

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Who makes the best Adobong Pusit? Sinigang? Kare-kare? Kaldereta? Find out through a lunch cook-off with foodie friends. Everyone gets to eat delicious food – a win-win situation for all. If you prefer the breeziness of celebrating Independence Day in wide open spaces instead of doing it indoors, head on to a nearby park for a picnic. You may want to do all the preparation instead at your condo dwelling. With an 8,000-square-meter park and pockets of green and open spaces, residents at Empire East Highland City enjoy this kind of convenience right at their own backyard.

Post something positive about the Philippines on social media

Be a beacon of hope in the midst of all the negativity on social media. Sure, there are legitimate reasons why living in the Philippines can be frustrating but there’s also a silver lining. Post about your favorite destinations, everyday people who paid it forward and did something good towards others, or professionals who represent the country in their chosen fields. There’s always something to smile about!

Make a commitment to buy local

From the food you eat to the clothes and accessories you wear, support both established and up and coming Filipino enterprises. Their success is the country’s achievement, too.

End the day with sparklers

Celebrate the country’s independence by lighting up sparklers. Send out a message of thanks to the people who have fought for a free Philippines. May the future always look bright.

This Independence Day, all you need is a warm, cozy space you can call your own, filled with the love and laughter of family and friends. The rise of several residential condos, especially those in integrated townships, have made celebrating in condo units more popular nowadays, making everyone feel more at home in a condo dwelling. At Empire East Highland City, future residents not only enjoy cozying up in their dwellings but have easy access to a ton of amenities that no other communities offer. Situated within the Pasig-Cainta area, have a shot at independence and move into any of the 38 residential towers spread out across the 24-hectare township.  A dash of creativity and good old-fashioned Filipino ingenuity goes a long way.

Empire East Highland City. Photo via Empire East

To know more about this newest development from Empire East, please call (02) 8103333 or visit their website. You may also like and follow Empire East Highland City on Facebook and Instagram.

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