10 Qualities You Should Look for in a Condo Property

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What convinces a property seeker to choose a condominium unit over a landed house? The common questions that come up when making this big financial decision point to these factors that make condo living the more preferred choice: budget, facilities, work relocation, and lifestyle. Here are ten things you should look for in a condo property once you start shortlisting your options.

A great-looking exterior

When it comes to buying a property, it is important to like what you see first – its facade and exterior landscapes. A gold standard property would have great curb-value and would make you feel proud to be coming home to it every day.

Parking accommodation

The parking area may be one thing which the potential buyers tend to overlook. Make sure to check the available parking slots in your desired condominium and inquire about the developer’s policies on getting parking spaces.

Commendable parking space design

Another quality that you should assess is if the available parking spaces you can choose from are spacious and free from hazards.

Superb reception

A gold standard condominium should have a spacious lobby and hospitable reception. Coming home to an elegant and cozy entrance every day is an element of world-class living.

Luxurious elevators

Make sure that you get what you pay for. If you settle for a property just because it’s the most affordable you can find, don’t expect too much when it comes to the elevator. On the other hand, if you invest in a top-notch condo, you can look forward to having that private and hassle-free elevator ride every day.

Semi-furnished feature

Upon the transfer of the property to your name, you should be able to move into your new home immediately. A semi-furnished unit is pretty helpful especially to people on the go. This feature may also save you from additional expenses on renovation later on.

2-BR Family Suite at 202 Peaklane. Photo via Anchor Land

Spacious corridors

Corridors should be spacious and well-lit. This may be a minor thing, but you’ll get to appreciate the value of living in a property with expansive and well-ventilated corridors right upon your move-in.

Efficient floor layout

Most condominiums come in multiple towers, and the ones that are well-designed have towers that are at least 120 feet apart from each other. Moreover,  for aesthetic value, choose a condominium with well-hidden airconditioner compressors.

Outstanding facilities

Homebuyers opt for condos over landed houses because of the facilities. A gold standard property features amenities that add value to its residents’ lifestyle. Such amenities include infinity and lap pools, mini-theaters, and gyms. Developers like Anchor Land provide additional amenities for a legitimate experience of world-class entertainment and exclusivity without leaving the comforts of your home.

Gym at Copeton Baysuites. Photo via Anchor Land

Fair maintenance fees

Maintenance fees are worth it if your property is well-maintained. Not only do these fees keep the unit’s value high; they also keep the residents happy and satisfied. People want to see where their money goes to, right?

Anchor Land does not only offer a well-designed property, but it redefines urban living by providing residents with handcrafted luxury experience.

A condominium purchase is not something that buyers should avoid spending on. If you’re looking to get yourself a home in the city, it is crucial that you find ‘the one’ that has everything you can ask for in a residential property. Go for development at a prime location that has been built to give residents the best life they could have. Anchor Land understands your needs and can offer you the home of your dreams.

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