Make the Kitchen of Your Dreams a Reality With These Practical Tips

If the house’s soul is the master bedroom, its heart is the kitchen. Our kitchens are the site of many fond memories of cooking for families and loved ones, parties, and dinners. It’s the part of the house that contains the warmth and personality of the owners.

It’s not surprising then that many people splurge on decorating or renovating their kitchen and dining areas. Every so often and every few years, some people renovate their kitchens to keep up with the style. However, since styles come and go, renovating so often can not only be expensive but highly time-consuming.

Good thing there’s an innovation in home design as shown by the company Stiles, your DIY solution to wall tiling. Stiles offers self-adhesive tile stickers that provide an easy way of improving walls and interiors. Their designs are easy to cut, install, and maintain and they come in all different colors and designs.

To know how Stiles and their tile stickers can help you achieve your dream kitchen on a budget, read on below.

Get fancy with a backsplash for your sink

A backsplash is a panel behind your sink that protects your walls from getting wet or stained with kitchen oils and juices. The tile stickers from Stiles are created with a glass-like surface and it’s resistant to water– perfect for your kitchen backsplash!

Hex White. Photo via What Else Michelle

With Stiles, you can avail of different types and colors of tile stickers that you can tack onto your wall – cool blue to chill a hot room for example. It’s a whole lot easier and cheaper than getting real tiles!

Ditch the paint

Paint’s vibrancy and color fade over time especially when exposed to constant heat. Instead of using paint that will crack and peel off, use tile stickers instead. Stiles is not just about aestheticstheir tile stickers can withstand temperatures up to 60-80 ºC and are resistant to humidity.

Avoid having a flat kitchen wall by availing of their tile stickers and creating a “wall” of realistic bricks. Not only does it make the house look more sturdy and modern, but it also adds depth to your kitchen. You can even get a hexagonal pattern if you want to be a little different.

Trick the eye

Any design enthusiast worth their salt knows that a small room can appear large with just the right styling. One of the ways to do this is to use different paint colors across the room to create a divide that makes it appear to have more space. This is especially helpful if your kitchen is the open type with a floating island.

Arabesque Grey. Photo via Stiles PH

With Stiles, you could choose darker tile stickers to emphasize your room’s signature pieces, and lighter tile stickers to enlarge the room. You don’t even need any specialized tools and professional installer for installing Stiles. A true DIY project you can own!

Match your furniture

Matching your furniture may sound a little old-school but we don’t mean match your walls with your furniture 100%! It just means choosing tile stickers with roughly the same accent or color scheme as your current furniture.

Desigual Piedra. Photo via LOFTIC Interior Design Studio

Not only will it make your kitchen Instagram-friendly but it also makes it more cohesive to look at, therefore, more cozy and put-together.  

Don’t be afraid to get creative

We know you have a vision in your head from a magazine or show of what a perfect kitchen must look like. But don’t forget to take into consideration your own personality and preferences.

Subway Gunmetal Grey, Oppein Showroom. Photo via Stiles PH

Go crazy! With Stiles, you can experiment with fewer consequences than when you’re using traditional tiles or paints. You can mix and match different tile stickers, try minimalism with white tile stickers against white cabinets and drawersthe possibilities are endless!

All in all, your kitchen is the place of exploration and what better way to build it but with an open mind and tons of options? Tile stickers provide less of a hassle in installation, more convenience and style choices. It’s even more perfect for condominium owners or renters. With Stiles, you can make your dream kitchen a reality without breaking the bank!

This article was created in partnership with Stiles PH. Stiles PH is your source for DIY wall stickers, offering quick and easy solutions for decorating spaces. For more information on Stiles PH and their products, visit them on Facebook and Instagram ( or Shopee ( today. You may also email them at for queries.


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