The Edge of Real Estate Management Degree Holders

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A college degree signifies that a student has completed the necessary units available for their career path. Apart from a degree, being a licensed professional is also required for specific occupations. In the Philippines, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is the agency responsible for implementing the regulatory laws and policies for various regulated professions like teachers, engineers, doctors, and real estate professionals. 

An aspiring real estate professional must first and foremost be a Real Estate Management (REM) degree holder to take the necessary licensure exam depending on whether they want to become a broker, appraiser, or consultant. 

Degree holders of the REM program possess an edge over those who have yet to begin the track because they already underwent formal education, experienced applied training, and are one step away from being licensed professionals.

Let’s further delve into the reasons why aspiring real estate professionals taking the REM program have an advantage over others who have yet to enroll:

You Receive Quality Education at Its Finest

The teachings and lessons in an educational institution will further refine the skills and talent of each learner, hence they deserve to have access to the highest quality of education. Among the various schools in the Philippines that offer the REM program, iACADEMY hits all the check marks. 

iACADEMY’s real estate management program equips students for a career in the property industry, whether in the practice of salesmanship, brokerage, appraisal, or consultancy. Students who finished the REM program with iACADEMY are proactive and responsive to the ins and outs of the property industry by providing technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills in the areas of real estate management. 

Moreover, iACADEMY offers a fast-track REM program that allows business degree holders to complete the program in three terms (one year), while non-business degree holders may finish the program in five terms (one year and six months). 

You’re Aware of Recent Property News and Trends 

The quest for knowledge doesn’t stop at an educational institution because there’s still much to learn beyond the four corners of a campus. That’s where news and current affairs come in.

REM program students are made aware of the latest property market news and trends in the country to help them address any gaps in the industry. The previous pandemic, for example, sparked various new information and techniques that real estate professionals adapted in transitioning from traditional to digital. 

Both academic learnings from the REM program and awareness of current real estate events are essential in bolstering the skills and capabilities of future real estate professionals.

You Experience a Fruitful On-The-Job Training 

As a pre-requisite of any college program, undergraduates must first experience on-the-job (OJT) training in established companies to apply their learnings and build relationships in the corporate world. 

iACADEMY has partnered with some of the country’s top property players to ensure success, namely Ortigas Land, Ayala Land Premier, Federal Land, Megaworld, Avida, and Filinvest, among others. These companies train would-be professionals in real-life settings of real estate work.

An internship can also lead to a wise mentor who will further guide and teach a mentee on how to become a successful real estate professional. Mentors are a source of inspiration because of their experience over time. 

You’re a Step Closer to Being a Licensed Professional 

You can’t take a licensure examination without finishing your chosen degree, so it is vital to follow all the necessary steps to become a licensed real estate professional. 

iACADEMY is the top educational institution choice to complete your real estate management degree. Over the years, iACADEMY has produced licensed brokers, consultants, and appraisers who have become game changers in the property industry.

Last April 2023, two iACADEMY graduates landed spots in the top 10 of the real estate brokers licensure examinations and recorded a 70% overall passing rate, making it the top-performing school on the board exams. In addition, the institution posted a 100% passing rate on the real estate appraiser examination last 2021. These milestones are testaments that iACADEMY provides a competitive REM program where students can unlock their full potential. 

In an industry that waits for no one, each aspiring real estate professional should equip themselves with the right tools, be in the know of the latest market trends, and have the right mindset for a thriving career moving forward.

Enroll in iACADEMY’s BS REM fast-track program and start your journey to become an outstanding real estate professional.

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