Broker Tip: Become a Lifestyle Ambassador of This Condo

Being a real estate broker can mean making a lot of money, especially when you focus on the idea that you’re not just selling a product. To attract leads, you need to be an effective salesperson. And to be effective, becoming a lifestyle ambassador can help.

Being a lifestyle ambassador simply means selling the lifestyle rather than the product or the property itself. By marketing a lifestyle, you’re positioning yourself as someone who wants to create long-lasting relationships through meaningful experiences rather than short-term sales. 

Here’s how you can advocate for a lifestyle your clients deserve:

Learn What Your Clients are Striving for 

AMA Tower Residences offers a lifestyle of convenience right at the heart of Metro Manila (Actual Photo).

Understanding the trends that characterize your target market can help you develop marketing materials that resonate with them. For instance, if you want to focus on the young property seeker segment, it’s worth noting their preference for a place conducive to resting and workingHybrid work can blur the lines between professional and personal lives, so working individuals would look for a home where they can improve their work-life balance.

For brokers who have OFWs and their families as their target market, consider introducing communities with activities that strengthen family ties. Find out their interests and passions as a family, and provide home options fitting the lifestyle they aspire for.

In Metro Manila, AMA Tower Residences by AMA Land, Inc. is a modern condo that suits the way of life of young professionals and starting families. Its well-spaced units can be customized to support varying interests and routines. Its wide-ranging amenities allow relaxing downtimes and encourage quality time with loved ones.

With units at AMA Tower Residences, you can give a glimpse of how your clients’ lifestyle could be far better than it is now. Because the units are also ready for occupancy, buyers can enjoy the perks and privileges of condo ownership immediately.

Combine Local Expertise and Lifestyle Marketing 

Residents of AMA Tower Residences are surrounded by the top hangout places and business districts in the metro (Actual Photo).

One way you can stand out as a broker is to draw on your local neighborhood expertise. Remember that besides living their dream lifestyle, property buyers look for a neighborhood that best suits their needs. Some of them might require easy access to schools, transportation networks, or healthcare facilities.

With strong local knowledge, you can effectively promote what it’s like to live like a local in the area. In Mandaluyong, for instance, young professionals and modern families can enjoy relaxed living without losing accessibility. You can emphasize this by discussing the nearby work opportunities and leisure activities. 

Knowing Mandaluyong City like the back of your hand also means being aware of its most notable residential developments. One of them is AMA Tower Residences, the tallest residential tower along EDSA-Ortigas. The condo project is ideal for property seekers focused on advancement and bustle. Learning and social opportunities are easily accessible since it’s minutes away from the commercial districts of Ortigas Centers, Makati CBD, Eastwood City, and Araneta Center Cubao. 

Engage on the Right Social Media Channels

If you truly know your target market, you’ll be aware of their preferred social media platforms. Use this information to your advantage and create content they can relate to. For instance, when producing a video tour of units at AMA Tower Residences, you can include footage of nearby attractions and aspects of the community that can inspire viewers to live in the area. 

This is also the time to highlight the unique features of the project you’re selling. At AMA Tower Residences, you can showcase the flexibility of units available. There are loft units and bi-level units that can have multi-use rooms or designated spaces for working, resting, and pursuing hobbies or business ventures. 

The project is also known for offering unmatched connectedness. From a digital perspective, you can stay connected to your loved ones or colleagues because AMA Tower Residences boasts Wi-Fi connectivity on all floors. The condo is also a mixed-use development, connecting you to specialty shops and concept stores on the lower level. Trusted developer AMA Land, Inc. brings what urban dwellers need in one place, enabling the ease of maintaining a high-quality lifestyle. 

Increased sales follow when you know how to create value as a broker. Start introducing AMA Tower Residences to your clients by reaching out to or visiting this page


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