Bathroom Makeover: Modern Design Ideas Worth Following

One of the most used spaces at home, bathrooms can quickly become the messiest, least pleasing to look at and be in. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people choose a revamp of the bathroom over any other space when given the opportunity and the budget. Almost every one of us would want to have a modern room that makes bathing (and brushing teeth) a relaxing, delightful experience.

If you’re planning to give your space a makeover, below are some bathroom design ideas Philippines-based designers totally approve of. These are easy to follow, as they’re categorized according to design elements.

On Colors

Just like in any other space in the home, you’re free to choose any color palette in the comfort room. Mix and match hues using the color wheel to get the right combo and keep the entire look neat. Use a complementary color scheme, choosing two colors that sit opposite each other on the wheel. Or, go analogous, picking three colors in a row. With this, you won’t go wrong in your bathroom design, as Philippines-based designers themselves use this in their practice.

Here are some color palette inspirations you can consider as well:

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  • Blue and white. This combo brings out a cool, calm atmosphere in the space. The deeper the blue, the more relaxing its effect. Use white as your primary color and blue as your accent hue, say, on your bathroom sink cabinets.
  • Lavender and gray. This palette puts a soft, luxurious touch to the room. The lavender will work best as a backdrop in your main bathing area, such as the tub or shower. The gray can be the dominant hue all throughout the room.
  • Pink and white. This color scheme is perfect if you want your bathroom design to be a little playful. The pink hue can be soft, almost neutral, or loud, as in art deco style.
  • White on white. This palette is a timeless choice. If you don’t want to keep updating your bathroom’s style every now and then, this is the best color for you.

On Light

The most beautiful rooms can get painful on the eyes when they’re not well-lit. This is true especially when you’re working on a small bathroom design. Philippines-based interior experts say that the absence of light can make the space look a lot more cramped. Aside from aesthetic reasons, you would want this space to be properly illuminated to avoid accidents and injuries.

Here are some modern ways you can maximize light in the bathroom:

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  • For natural light. Add a skylight. If possible, expand the size of the windows. Then, use light, airy window treatments to give the room more privacy without affecting the natural light coming in.
  • For artificial light. Aside from the ambient lighting or the general lighting, you must have a task and accent light. In the former, a pair of sconces on both sides of the mirror will help illuminate your face better when you’re doing makeup or brushing your teeth. There are plenty of styles for sconces, from eclectic to nautical. Choose based on your preferred theme.

Meanwhile, use accent lighting for emphasizing important pieces in your bathroom design. Perhaps you’re planning to hang a beautiful art piece or create a living wall. These are worth highlighting with recessed lights, flood lights, and other types of accent lighting.

On Texture

If you’re not familiar with this interior design term, it simply refers to the surface tactile quality of an object in the space. Fur rugs feel soft to the touch, while marble countertops are smooth. Texture adds visual variety to the design as they add a certain feel or mood to the space.

Here are some samples of textures you must include in the bathroom design of your home:

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  • Textiles. Different types of fabrics give a soft touch to the room. Hang some nice tapestries on one of the walls and display the towels in those open shelves and racks. Go for some bold prints for your mats.
  • Plants. Bathroom plants have different textures. They can be fine or coarse, which you can use to complete the feel you want your bathroom to have. Some of the best plants for the bathroom include ferns, orchids, and aloe vera.
  • Architectural elements. Even the crown molding and marble floors bring a different feel to the space. Think about how you can add texture to the walls, floors, ceilings, and other architectural elements. Your small bathroom tile design can make a huge difference on the overall look if you choose one that complements the theme of the room.

A modern, relaxing bathroom is everyone’s dream space. If you’re planning to redesign yours, draw inspiration from these ideas. 


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