Anchor Land Redefines Luxury Living with Tech-Oriented Condo Features

Setting the bar higher in property development, Anchor Land offers its most innovative condo project, One Legacy Grandsuites in Manila Chinatown. The new generation of Filipino-Chinese families can look forward to fully automated units—a first in the Philippine real estate market.

Located in the soon-to-be tallest building in Chinatown, the high-tech units would usher in a new way to enjoy condo living. Powered by the latest technology and reliable internet connectivity, units at One Legacy Grandsuites have components that owners can remotely control whenever and wherever they desire.

One Legacy Grandsuites features the first fully-automated units in the condo market

The New Luxury Comes with Technology 

A smart home can be considered the epitome of luxury in today’s tech-driven society. Following the drastic changes in lifestyle practices, Anchor Land understood from the get-go that automation features would redefine the luxury living experience for homeowners.

This allowed the firm to meet and exceed the expectations of modern home buyers. Its project, One Legacy Grandsuites, aims to elevate one’s state of living by combining exquisitely designed spaces and the following technologies: 

  • Automated Lighting Control: unit owners can turn the lights on and off even when away from their properties, resulting in energy efficiency and savings. 
  • Automated Curtain Control: unit owners can open or shut curtains during specific times of the day, allowing them to maximize natural light. 
  • Automated ACU Control: unit owners can remotely switch the air conditioning unit on and off to avoid energy wastage; adjusting the room temperature is also possible.
  • Smart Digital Lockset: unit owners are assured of top-notch security as each unit uses the latest locksets accessible via fingerprint, passcode, or RFID tags. 

All these features allow homeowners to tap into the high-tech functionality and luxury that wasn’t available in the past. They provide the convenience of maintaining a home with a simple touch of a button or swipe on a display screen.

Fiber Optic Technology for Smarter Homes

An Online Property Management System will give residents online access to property management concerns via an app

Fiber optic infrastructure, such as the one available at One Legacy Grandsuites, is faster and more reliable than cable internet. The premium condo has built-in vertical and horizontal wiring systems, further placing the project ahead of the competition. 

For homeowners, one obvious benefit of fiber optic technology is the ability to enjoy and conveniently connect to an ultra-fast internet. Because fiber optics can handle more users and more data at higher speeds, they can properly support fully-automated units and even new-normal activities like working from home. 

Further, the same technology makes it possible to digitize the property management operations at One Legacy Grandsuites. Unit owners can access the Online Property Management System, an application that streamlines maintenance activities and other property-related tasks. 

A Legacy-Builder and Game-Changer in Real Estate 

From left: Charles Lee, Anchor Land Chairman; Steve Li, CEO; Elizabeth Ventura, President

Anchor Land takes pride in its almost two decades of experience in catering to the needs of the Manila Chinatown market. This helped the company anticipate what modern homeowners want and raise the bar for luxury living.

According to Anchor Land CEO Steve Li, “As we transition into the new generation of buyers, we know the things that matter to them. We are 100% committed to providing comfort and safety through sustainable, innovative, and liveable residences. This is the time to be more vigilant and continue to search for solutions to meet the present living conditions of the new generation and exceed the expectations of our clients.” 

Besides using state-of-the-art technologies, Anchor Land has worked with globally-renowned consultants to inform the overall design of One Legacy Grandsuites. The 69-storey skyscraper is more than just a head-turner. It’s designed to be an earthquake-resilient building and a hub for upgraded leisure and wellness. It’s also a testament to Anchor Land’s expertise in innovation and commitment to meeting standards that haven’t been met before. 

For accomplished businessmen and well-to-do families, Anchor Land leaves a legacy to be lived in and passed on. 

Learn more about the top-notch developer here.


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