World-Class Architectural Firm Leaves an Elegant Trademark on Manila Chinatown’s Tallest Condominium

Manila Chinatown will soon see a new symbol of class and prestige in the form of a luxury condominium. A premier project by top-notch developer Anchor Land, One Legacy Grandsuites will be the tallest condo development in Binondo, Manila, designed in collaboration with world-class architectural firm Arcadian Design.

Arcadian Design is notable for its exquisite developments in residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors, showcasing tranquil features in sprawling urban settings. A quick look at the completed projects by this firm gives an insight into their expert work.

A residential pavilion and landscape of Hai Hau

In this high-rise residential development, the public facility pavilion and landscaped courtyard welcome residents and visitors into a modern oasis. These areas harness the beauty and efficiency of daylighting. At night, Arcadian Design showcases a play of light and shadow using landscape lights.

A building used for the promotion of a real estate project named “Exquisite Minimalist”

For this project, Arcadian Design created a utopia in a fast-paced urban site. Inspired by The Lalu, a five-star resort hotel in East Asia, this development evokes an atmosphere of luxury with its reflective waterscape. The premium glass walls connect the interiors and tranquil waters. 

Similar to these projects, One Legacy Grandsuites in Manila Chinatown will create an atmosphere of serenity in the midst of a bustling city. Zooming further into its look and feel, here’s what to expect from the tallest and grandest condo in Binondo:


A prestigious home that can be passed across generations, One Legacy Grandsuites holds a timeless expression of elegance. Arcadian leaves its unique trademark on this condo project with its elaborately designed amenities located on two floors: the 10th floor and at the penthouse.

A hanging glass lounge on top of a lap pool for a rejuvenating experience

A notable feature of the condo development is its pool area with a hanging glass lounge on the 10th floora spot where one can genuinely feel the highs of success and luxurious living.

State-of-the-art equipment with breathtaking views of the city

Sports and fitness amenities are also incorporated into the condo design, allowing easy access to other lifestyle activities. These include a gym and yoga room located next to the fountain plaza, rewarding fitness buffs with motivating views.  

An elegantly designed fountain plaza for serenity

The plaza is envisioned to have lush foliage and geometric shapes to keep the area more alive and vibrant. The splashing sound of the fountain is enough to calm the nerves and soothe the soul. 

Meanwhile, the entertainment area is a relaxing space with a Zen square in the middle and halls that lead to a KTV room and a billiard room. 

A stylish indoor play area where kids can have fun

Arcadian Design included this play area into the condo’s roster of amenities to create comfortable spaces for all ages. Carefully picked play equipment blend into the space, making it look upscale.  

Invigorating amenities on the 10th floor of the condo also include the badminton court, kickboxing/boxing room, children’s reading room, pavilion, pool deck, and barbecue area, among many others.


One Legacy Grandsuites, as envisioned by Arcadian Design, will also have tranquil outdoor spaces. These extend the serenity and comfort of the condo from the inside out. 

A lawn area comfortably laid out with lush environs

Arcadian demonstrates its expertise in designing a cozy oasis through the practical and stylish placement of this lawn area. It’s also located on the 10th floor, so residents need not go outside the building to catch a breath of fresh air.

The outdoor viewing deck for witnessing the majestic Manila skyline

This outdoor viewing deck is another treat for the senses, located on the 69th floor. It’s designed with year-round elements, allowing residents to take in the sights day in, day out.


As mentioned, One Legacy Grandsuites will have two levels of amenities to upgrade the leisure and wellness of its future dwellers. On the 69th floor of the condo, discerning families will be captivated by the tasteful display of facilities.

The Grand Function Hall for grand milestones

Celebrate special occasions, from parties to banquets to weddings, in a luxurious way. At the penthouse, residents and guests will also find the Grand Gallery. 

A modern meeting space with inspiring visuals

Minimal, luxe, and sleek–the meeting rooms of One Legacy Grandsuites cater to the needs of sophisticated, hard-working business professionals.

One Legacy Grandsuites features the highest sky bar in Manila

After a busy day at work, this sky-high bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink or two while indulging in the magnificent views of the skyline. 

Living and Leaving Your Legacy

Together with Arcadian Design, Anchor Land has redefined the meaning of legacy among businessmen and well-to-do families. 

With One Legacy Grandsuites, legacy planning becomes more than just passing on wealth. It’s now also about living a fulfilled life in real-time, with all the grand amenities at your fingertips.

Located on Benavidez Street in Binondo, One Legacy Grandsuites connects you to everything you need, anytime you need it. Aside from having the classiest amenities, it’s close to top-notch Filipino-Chinese schools and retail centers in Soler and Ongpin Streets. Shopping destinations such as 999 Shopping Mall, Arranque Market, and Lucky Chinatown Mall are also minutes away.

With its sophisticated architecture, prime location, rare mix of amenities, and rich open spaces, One Legacy Grandsuites is worth passing on to the next generations. But for now, you can live in this legacy, continue building on your success, and create lasting memories. 

Discover the ultimate upscale home made for you. Know more about One Legacy Grandsuites through this link.


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