Adding This Top Amenity Makes All the Difference in Your Lifestyle

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Every homeowner has unique preferences on amenities to add in their dream home. Some want to have a meditation garden and an al fresco area in their yard. Others like to have a wine cellar where they can spend a quiet Friday evening. There’s one feature, however, that appears in many homeowner’s nice-to-have list: the swimming pool. 

It’s one of the top-searched amenities on Lamudi’s real estate platform. It’s also the ultimate defining feature of every premium Filipino home, but if you think about it, it’s much more than that. It makes all the difference in the lifestyle altogether. Here’s how:

The Ultimate Laid-Back Lifestyle

The long plane rides and stressful packing take the fun out of vacations. For this reason, staycations have become the new trend when it comes to finding peace and quiet. With a pool in the backyard, it’s literally a staycation every weekend, every day, or anytime you want.

You don’t need to drive all the way to the city and check-in just to take a dip and relax. You won’t worry about the sunscreen you forgot to pack or the charger you left plugged in at home, precisely because you are at home. It’s relaxation at its finest.

It’s also worth taking note that simply being near water — not even in it — can help calm the nerves. According to studies, the mere sight and sound of water can trigger a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness and increase blood flow to the brain and heart, putting the body in a relaxed state. Imagine, even before you dive into the pool, you’re already being taken into a rested state, only by looking across the beautiful oasis from your kitchen.

The Active Lifestyle

This well-loved amenity isn’t only for recreation. It’s also for maintaining a healthy, fit physique. The benefits of swimming aren’t unheard of. In fact, it’s the whole body workout experts often recommend, as it increases the heart rate, tones the muscles, improves endurance and strength — all without putting your body through so much stress. 

What’s more interesting about this is that even those who have physical conditions can do it, and are in fact encouraged. If you have kids suffering from asthma or folks who complain about arthritis cramps, swimming helps in relieving symptoms.

If you have a narrow, long space in your backyard, it would be the perfect site for a lap pool. Running at least 45 feet in length and shaped in rectangular form, these pools will do great wonders for your health and fitness.

The Social Lifestyle

A swimming pool in the backyard is a crowd-drawer. It’s where kids go when they have free time. And when you invite friends and extended family over, they automatically gravitate towards the pool area simply because it’s refreshing not only in sight but also in ambiance. If you’re fond of hosting barbecue parties or reunions of any kind, then this top amenity is definitely a must-have in your home.

Since you’ll be using the pool area mostly for social gatherings, make sure that it’s conducive for accommodating groups of people and making them feel comfortable. For one, it should be complete with outdoor furniture. Chaise lounges, sofas and sectionals, wicker chairs, and bistro sets are some of the items you can consider adding into the space. Next, pay attention to landscaping. A visually appealing arrangement of plants and shrubs would add to the atmosphere of being at home. 

Of course, don’t forget the most important element in the pool area: lighting. No matter how beautiful your space is, it won’t make much of an impression and make guests stay when it’s concealed in the dark at night. Use spotlights on trees or your pool’s fountain. Flood lights are ideal for statement walls. Want to build from scratch? Make sure the lighting is accounted for when you budget how much you want to spend on adding a pool into your property. 

For a dreamy, cozy mood, hang string lights across the pool area. If you’re into a more ‘natural’ type of light, create a fire pit at the seating area next to the pool. Don’t forget to install lighting fixtures on pathways and stairways, too. With this beautiful oasis, your guests will find it hard to leave.

A swimming pool is more than a luxury feature for Filipino homes. It redefines the modern lifestyle in many aspects, and adds value to your home. Are you ready to include this in your next home sweet home?


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