The Essentials of a Premium Home

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The interior design of premium homes is important to keep the sense of luxury. The essential elements include color palettes, lighting, pieces of art, and many more.

The interiors of premium homes should reflect the personal style and preferred aesthetics, but there are some essential elements to epitomize the life of luxury.

With proper furniture and well-thought-out design, premium homes may be elevated even further into luxurious abodes. On the other hand, out-of-place furniture and an impulsive design will downgrade the grandeur of premium homes.

Here are some of the essential elements that should be present in the various rooms of premium homes.

This round ottoman from Bernhardt Interiors brings a whimsical and decorative touch to an informal space.

Color, carpets, and walls

Outside of the kitchen, the floors of living spaces are recommended to be entirely covered in carpet, as that will give warmth and texture to the entire space. The carpet will also serve as the starting point for the color palette of each room, so choose wisely.

The color of the carpet will not be the color of everything else in the room. Each component, however, should come in a hue that complements the palette. The recommendation is to go with two or three main colors and play with their different shades, including black and/or white.

Wall, meanwhile, will not need to be carpeted as well. There are various ways to make walls look more elegant than plainly painted ones, such as using accents in certain spots and applying wallpaper to the whole room. The wallpaper, however, should come with a minimalist design, to avoid clashing with the rest of the room’s contents.

Quality furniture and textiles

Needless to say, the furniture of premium homes should not come with budget price tags. The reasons some piece of furniture are more expensive is the durability of their construction, the value of their aesthetics, or both. The color or finish of furniture should work well the chosen room’s chosen color palette.

Luxurious rooms are also filled with quality textiles that enhance the color palette. Cheaper textiles that clash with the room’s color palette, and those that shed or flake, will ruin the room’s extravagance.

Buying textiles should be treated like buying furniture. Make sure that they are durable, and that they fit well with the other components of the room where they will be used. Textiles, of course, should always be regularly washed, so it is best to buy two sets or more so that the rooms will always look clean and tidy.

Pieces of art

Comfortable and stylish, the Odeon Chair by Bernhardt Interiors is perfect for modern or contemporary style home.

Art, in any medium or form, instantly adds a touch of personality to each room. There should not be too many pieces though, as they need to have ample spaces between them to better stand out over the furniture.

Different art forms with varying heights may be chosen, depending on the room’s furniture. Sculptures, however, are arguably the best pieces of art in adding a sense of luxury to any room. Buying the pieces from local artists is an option, as that will generate more interesting stories than pieces that were purchased from an unknown origin.

Mirrors on the walls

Designing the rooms of premium homes may also play with mirrors, as their purpose is not just to show how people look before they head out of the door.

Mirrors may be used as art pieces themselves when arranged at a unique shape on the wall with complementing frames. Mirrors have the added bonus of making rooms look even bigger due to the reflections that they generate.

Proper illumination

Different rooms require different kinds of lighting, but choosing the right kind is key. Chandeliers are the go-to lighting piece, though smaller rooms may choose to go with statement lighting fixtures. The electric components may be combined with big windows that allow natural light to flow in to create the proper mood.

Lighting fixtures or lamps with large or unusual shapes may help the room look more upscale. The design, however, should not overlook the true purpose of lighting, which is to make the room well lit, to show off its design.

Personality still king

While there are some essential elements for premium homes, designing them should still be based on the personality of the residents. The rooms may look magnificent, but without the approval of the people who actually live there, the house will not serve as a home.

Premium houses are built and bought, but premium homes are designed with personality, supported by essential elements to keep things grand and luxurious.

This article originally appeared on Philippine Daily Inquirer Property. Edits were made by the editor.


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