Self-Care Sanctuary: The Elements of a Home That Promotes Mental Well-Being

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a beautiful, functional home: you should be able to find one that takes care of you, especially your mental well-being. Marked by changes and transitions, the new normal is full of opportunities that demand a resolute spirit. During this time, part of self-care is having a place that gives you strength and inspiration. 

If you’re planning to hit the property market, be on the lookout for home features that promote mental well-being. Here are some specific features you should pay attention to:

Human-Centered Architecture

A lot of people are fans of modern tropical house design because of its clean, cozy look giving off vacation vibes. M Residences, a residential development by Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC), boasts of this kind of architecture, bearing monochrome exterior palettes and wooden tiles. The appeal of this modern architecture goes beyond aesthetics. The design’s primary function is to make residents more comfortable inside the home, sans the mechanical systems.

Most modern tropical homes, for instance, have built-in ventilation features, such as overhangs, open-floor plans, large windows, and roof decks. In a warm, humid place like the Philippines, modern tropical architecture makes the home look and feel cozier. Imagine working from home or homeschooling your kids in this cool, relaxing place reminiscent of vacation homes.

Open-Floor Plans

Aside from facilitating better airflow in the space, these types of layouts make the space look more expansive. It doesn’t feel cramped even though you’re cooped up indoors for a long time. In the case of M Residences, this atmosphere of airiness is complemented by high ceilings. It also helps that the actual homes offer a maximized floor area. Aerin, one of the model houses, has 85 to 187 square meters (sqm), while Elise features 150 to 296 sqm. Kiara has 174 to 325 sqm.

Open floor plans can also help strengthen bonds within the family. Without walls, you can easily talk to your spouse watching the basketball game in the living room, while preparing dinner in the kitchen. Since you can create different areas in the expansive space, say, a reading nook, a home office, or a zen corner, you get to keep your hobbies or pursue new ones, which is very important in self-care.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

These features are a stunning addition to the home’s facade. As mentioned earlier, they also help cool the space, offering good ventilation when you open them up. At the same time, they bathe the space in natural light. This not only emphasizes the interior design, giving residents a pleasing sight, but it also has multiple benefits for your psychological well-being. 

Soaking in some sunshine every day is an effective mood booster. It puts people in good spirits, which is a welcome treat in this era of the new normal. M Residences features floor-to-ceiling windows in all of its model houses, Aerin, Elise, and Kiara. 

Safe Neighborhood

Your mind is well and healthy when you have the reassurance that you’re in a safe place. That’s why it’s crucial to look at the actual home you’ll be moving into, as well as its address, the community surrounding it. 

Moving into M Residences, you can have the peace of mind that you’re in a safe neighborhood, not only because it’s equipped with full-time security personnel and CCTV technologies, but also because it’s a low-density residential zone. It’s natural for residents to observe social distancing in the subdivision.

Accessible Community

A home that offers easy access to essential establishments adds to the feeling of being secure and safe. In M Residences, you can reach places without a hassle. The village in Capitol Hills, Quezon City, for instance, is a short drive away from UP Town Center and St. Luke’s Medical Center. 

Meanwhile, the subdivision in Mowelfund, New Manila is close to major thoroughfares in the metro, including EDSA and Aurora Boulevard. If you’re eyeing to move to M Residences in The Mahogany Place III, Taguig, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) will be easily accessible from your residence. With everything within reach, you can rest assured that all your needs are met.

Better mental health is key to seizing opportunities in the new normal. Start your journey to a healthier psychological well-being, and a more vibrant life, at home. Start at M Residences by VCDC.


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