Luxury Property Features That Risk-Averse Investors Should Consider

Once in a while, investors need a reality check: all forms of investment carry some degree of risk. Wherever you are in your investment journey, it pays to be wary of financial pitfalls. This is where risk aversion and real estate investing come in.

In the world of investing, you may come across systemic and non-systemic risks, affecting the economy as a whole and a small part of it, respectively. While you cannot eliminate these risks, you can lower your exposure to them.

One way to achieve this is by diversifying your assets with a safe investment like luxury real estate. It has a lower risk compared to securities, but it can yield high returns when held for the long term. 

Luxury properties, however, are not created equal. To maximize returns, you should know the features that add the most value to these properties. Let’s go through them, one by one: 

Captivating materials with intrinsic durability make Likha Residences’ townhomes awe-inspiring – Artist’s Perspective

Unique Sense of Grandeur

Take a look at today’s luxury homes, and you’ll notice signature features like high ceilings, spacious bedrooms, and premium materials. But to find a property that will truly stand out, you should go beyond these typical features.

Near Alabang, Muntinlupa, for instance, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind development comprised of bahay kubo-inspired luxury townhouses. Known as Likha Residences, this boutique residential project represents Philippine architecture at its finest. Its architectural design seemingly transcends time, a masterpiece by Mañosa & Co. The development has captured the “soul” of bahay kubo, wherein dwellers are bounded by closeness and a sense of community.

The units themselves have a warm Filipino look, featuring an earth-toned color palette, high-quality wooden finishes, and handcrafted fixtures. Each unit comes with a modern banggerahan (dish drying rack), well-placed grills, and large windows that emulate the breeziness of a bahay kubo. A rare gem in the property market, Likha Residences by PHINMA Prism is redefining townhouse living through modern and meaningful Filipino design. 

Likha Residences rests near Alabang, Muntinlupa, boasting a clubhouse with best-in-class amenities – Artist’s Perspective

Upscale Metro Location 

As you already know, location is a significant factor in real estate, and it’s no different when investing in a luxury home. To affirm whether a particular location is exceptional, you need to ask yourself: “would affluent individuals want to live in this place?” 

The established and wealthy section of the population often prefers to be in an exclusive yet accessible location. Exclusivity is present in communities desired by many but lived in by a few. You’ll find such developments within or near Alabang, Muntinlupa, in the southern portion of Metro Manila. It’s the location of prime villages like Alabang Hills and Hillsborough Alabang, which are only a few minutes away from Likha Residences.

The exclusivity of a location also comes in pair with impressive safety features. For example, Likha Residences is a double-gated community with a guarded main entrance and 24/7 roving security personnel. 

Meanwhile, Muntinlupa has been hailed as one of the desirable cities in the country, according to Lamudi’s trend report, Hotspots Unwrapped: 22 Cities to Watch in 2022. Most of the leads in the city were concentrated in the luxury segment, which includes properties worth P20M and above. Besides the rising living standards, this trend indicates the desire for home safety and privacy. This, in turn, will likely increase property prices in Alabang and surrounding areas.

Future-Proofing Elements

Risk-averse investors wanting to preserve or even double their capital would do well in choosing a future-proof, high-end home. It’s a property with premium materials built to last, such as professionally treated wood and modern-cut adobe tiles seen in the townhomes of Likha Residences. The units in this development also boast generous floor space, measuring around 238 to 324 square meters. They have three to four storeys, with equally spacious bedrooms and ample cabinet spaces. 

Every townhome at Likha Residences also adapts to the changing local climate. They provide the necessary internal comfort no matter the weather condition, thanks to their climate-conscious design. Likewise, they allow for better air circulation and minimal heat gain, inspired by the traditional bahay kubo.

There’s also a clerestory roof in every unit that permits the cool breeze and brings out the stale air. The stairwell, on the other hand, doubles as a “light well” because of its automated louvered windows that allow natural light and fresh air into the home.

Traditional design meets modern Filipino lifestyle in the living spaces of Likha Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Stunning Designer Home 

Highly customized down to the finest detail, a designer home is unlike any other real estate. This is one of the major highlights of Likha Residences, a 1.2-hectare community of mastercrafted designer townhomes. These multi-level units carry the indigenous architectural signature of the established firm Mañosa & Co. 

The degree to which the units have been customized makes them highly distinctive and coveted. This increases the appeal and long-term value of units at Likha Residences, making them ideal for investors seeking high returns. The project only offers 68 designer townhomes, and their limited number will only push their prices up in the future. 

Open Floor Plan

Another value-boosting property feature is an open floor plan, which combines two or more rooms in a single space. It’s an inviting layout that omits interior walls, so the space feels larger and entertaining is easier. 

If the open-concept living space faces an outdoor area, the natural light can easily travel into the home, adding an aesthetic glow. This is what you’ll witness on the second level of townhouse units at Likha Residences, which feature open living and dining areas that are separated from the balcony by a sliding glass door. 

Easily accessible elevated gardens of Likha Residences accommodate the need for green space – Artist’s Perspective

Nature-Inspired Features

The luxury lifestyle is not just about having the most spacious and sophisticated-looking home. It’s also about feeling great in one’s own place. This is why nature-oriented spaces are becoming popular in luxury homes. Besides promoting mental and physical health, expansive residential greenery serves as a social space to connect with loved ones and neighbors. 

In Likha Residences, four-storey units have exclusive access to elevated gardens and path walks. They provide a cozy area for neighbors to interact and a space for kids to play without vehicular distractions. Units adjacent to the elevated garden can also expand their living rooms to include the outdoor space. 

Meanwhile, units without access to the elevated greenery can benefit from their own private back garden or garden deck. This area is perfect for growing a plant collection, adding a decorative water feature, or hosting intimate gatherings. 

Wellness-Focused Amenities 

Of course, amenity-rich developments are among the ideal places to invest in. Experienced investors know that what’s inside the home matters as much as the facilities surrounding it. For best returns, consider buying a property in a community that improves well-being.

In today’s fast-paced environment, anyone would want a home with dedicated areas for unwinding and wellness-focused amenities. These features are also present at Likha Residences, where residents can comfortably lounge in a clubhouse with a multifunctional hall and fully equipped fitness center. 

Likha Residences offers more ways to relax with its swimming pool and children’s playground. The community dedicates 50% of its total land area to open space, creating a haven of natural foliage. Together, these amenities bring calmness to the busy lives of affluent residents. 

Spaces that flow, connect, and add meaning to home are found at Likha Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Multi-Purpose Areas 

Residential needs are always changing, and multi-purpose spaces help property owners deal with changes, big or small. These spaces are worth having now when almost everyone embraces at-home lifestyles. 

At Likha Residences, units have been thoughtfully designed to include enough space to live, study, work, and play. Various activities can be done at home without disturbing others or being disturbed yourself. Multifunctional spaces in this community come in the form of a foyer, a lanai (for four-storey units), and an extra room for guests or household staff. The spacious balcony can also become an extension of the living area, while the two-vehicle carport can be turned into an additional play space for the kids. 

Ample storage within the townhomes doesn’t affect their overall aesthetic design. The interiors showcase timelessness with few material variations, so the entire space looks consistent and feels more spacious. 

To further improve dwellers’ comfort, units at Likha Residences are also move-in-ready. They have ceiling fans, an inverter aircon, and complete light fixtures, including drop lights. The bathrooms are also a showcase of elegance, furnished with a multi-point heater, bidet, mirror, and a shower glass enclosure.

For risk-averse investors, all the property features mentioned above are worth considering for your next buy. They keep the home layered in luxury, positively affecting its appraisal value over time. 

By including a high-end property in your portfolio, you’ll tactically reduce investment risk and protect your financial welfare. Remember that real estate money can double when put into the right place. So in today’s market, look no further than projects with value-boosting features like Likha Residences.

This luxury community protects investor interests by offering mastercrafted townhomes that rhyme with prestige and rarity. Current unit offerings are worth P26M to P42M, answering the ever-present demand for upscale living in the metro. They’re among the best picks for investors who want to be in the safe zone until they’re ready to take more risks. 

Explore investment opportunities that come with Likha Residences today.


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