Show Your Pride: Inside the Properties of Vice Ganda, Boy Abunda, and Other LGBTQ+ Celebrities

Owning a property provides many buyers with a sense of pride and accomplishment. This is on top of other benefits of property ownership, such as privacy, a chance to grow wealth, and the freedom to live by your own rules. 

For those part of the LGBTQ+ community, owning a property also symbolizes success in life. Their residential houses or vacation homes are an extension of the pride they feel for being true to themselves. These assets signify their triumph and serve as their safe space where they feel comfortable being who they are. 

In the Philippines, here are some of the “out” celebrities and their sources of joy and pride: 

Vice Ganda’s Industrial-Themed Home 

Unkabogable Star and It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda unveiled his 1,300-sqm industrial-style home in 2021. Grandeur is unmistakable in its grey-and-black color scheme and minimalistic interiors. 

Inside the house, there’s a living area decorated with playful pieces, resonating with Vice’s fun personality. Fun fact: one of them is a floor lamp in the shape of a black horse. 

The luxurious home also has an elevator that helps his mother go up and down the house, an elevated swimming pool made of glass, and a custom-built spa room, among other grand features.

Photo via King Tower Farm’s Facebook Page

Angie Mead King’s Farm in Batangas

Angie Mead King came out to the world as a transgender woman in 2017. Two years later, the international race car driver, hotelier, and restaurateur also revealed that she’s a farmer.

Angie (and her wife Joey Mead King) owns King Tower Farm in Caliraya, Batangas, the first commercial aeroponic tower farm in Asia. Through this property and by being active on social media, Angie promotes sustainable food production via farming.

Besides growing herbs, veggies, and flowers, Angie cultivates a home for bees, birds, insects, and other pollinators. The King Tower Farm sits on a property where her family’s vacation home is also located. Renovations are currently ongoing to improve the farming processes. 

Boy Abunda’s House of Chairs in Tagaytay 

Asia’s King of Talk, Boy Abunda, also has a unique property he’s proud of. In Tagaytay, there lies the “House of Chairs,” which is a home literally filled with chairs from his business friends and close friends. 

There are pieces from some of the biggest names in the showbiz industry, such as Nora Aunor, Kris Aquino, Bianca Gonzales, and Gretchen Baretto. In his 2020 vlog, he said that just by looking at the chairs, you could see the personality of the people who initially owned them. Boy also thanked everyone for their friendship and, of course, the chairs. 

Paolo Ballesteros’ Modern-Minimalist Home 

Another minimalist home on this list is owned by TV host and actor Paolo Ballesteros. In 2017, he moved into his new residence in Antipolo, a three-story modern home with a sophisticated black facade. The timber and concrete details also give the property an industrial look. 


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Paolo went home to his Antipolo residence just in time for the Christmas of 2017. On his Instagram post, it can be seen how he “wrapped” his house with a giant red ribbon, literally turning it into one of the best Christmas gifts he ever received. 

Joel Cruz’s Chateau de Milagros

Entrepreneur Joel Cruz, also known as the “Lord of Scents,” is also a proud owner of this Manila mansion. The three-story property is located in Sampaloc and is known as Chateau de Milagros. 

Joel said that he reconstructed his family’s ancestral house and turned it into a home that represents the success of his perfume business, Aficionado. 

Photo via PEP

Chateau de Milagros has stunning French architecture with a classic white facade and arched doorways. Inside, the mansion has 12 bedrooms, an elevator, a winding staircase, a swimming pool, and rooms filled with artworks, ceramics, and china-filled, glass-encased cabinets. 

Apart from his Manila mansion, Joel also owns a resthouse in Tagaytay and another mansion in Baguio City. 

Each property from the well-known members of the LGBTQ+ community is a testament to what dreaming, being authentic, and working hard can do. Pride Month or not, acknowledge who you are and all the things you can achieve. 

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