Permeable Roads: An Essential Detail in Successful Master-planned Communities

Quality is the hallmark of an excellent master-planned community. It’s evident in every element, and essentially what you look for, first and foremost, when finding a community you’ll move into. What’s interesting in well-constructed residential areas is that even in the details that aren’t readily apparent, you can expect quality. Case in point: roads.

The Unsung Heroes of Excellent Communities

Roads are oft-ignored in residential areas. When looking at development plans, road details aren’t typically among the items people consider. After all, you simply walk or drive along them. It’s the least of your concerns. That is, until a storm hits, causing flood all over your driveway and onto the streets. 

In expertly master-planned communities, such as the 33-hectare premier development Trava, Greenfield Development Corporation’s flagship project under the Greenfield Deluxe brand, puddles of water will not be a big problem. Reflecting quality even in the least noticeable elements, the developer has decided to use an ecologically engineered system called permeable road design. 

Made of porous material, the road allows water to seep into the pavement and into the soil below, preventing stormwater runoff. Aside from making standing water a thing of the past, here are the other benefits of this kind of road in communities:

  • Safety. Future residents are less likely to experience slips and falls, reducing the chances of accidental injuries.
  • Aesthetics. You will enjoy the sight of streets free of mud or grime after the rains.
  • Eco-friendliness. The kind of natural filtration in permeable roads puts less pressure on storm drains. Moreover, it reduces the heat in the area, as the water cools the land. Instead of trapping heat inside, which is common for roads that use asphalt, permeable roads reduce the temperature of the pavement.

With the use of sustainable materials, Trava will be able to solve one of the most common neighborhood problems and protect the environment–and even nurture nature–while doing so.

An Eco-Friendly and Nature-Oriented Neighborhood

The permeable road design is only one of the quality elements you can expect in the well-planned community of Trava. This Greenfield Deluxe development is planned to the brim with excellent, green features. 

Approximately 45% of the land area is devoted to vast, open spaces: parks, playgrounds, and tree-lined wide roads. All this greenery reduces heat island effect and improves air quality in the neighborhood. Some of the shared amenities that will soon be built, including the grand clubhouse, are powered by solar energy, reducing the carbon footprint.

Although the residential enclave offers lots only, it promotes eco-friendly designs in its luxury home models. Here are some of the features you can have in the units:

  • Style. Trava’s model houses boast of modern tropical architecture, a kind of design that adapts to the site’s particular climate. With consideration of ventilation and natural light, such a home is energy efficient.
  • Huge lot cuts. The regular lot size in Trava is 550 sqm, giving enough space for gardens. This reduces the heat outdoors, making your home stay even more comfortable. What’s more, if you decide to embrace an organic lifestyle by growing a vegetable garden, you’ll be going to the supermarket and using the car less and less frequently.
  • Roof. Model houses feature solar panels. You have clean energy right at your own home when you pattern yours to Trava’s model units.
  • Windows. The house designs feature low-emissivity glass, a material that decreases the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light coming through the windows. This reduces solar heat but retains the amount of natural light.

The location of Trava supports eco-conscious living, too. It’s close to key establishments, cutting time spent on the road. Building your dream home here, you will have the biggest shopping centers in Sta. Rosa only a stone’s throw away from your residence. You can easily go to Paseo Outlets, Arcadia, and Laguna Central. As for hospitals, The Medical City and the China Bank-Sta. Rosa Hospital are reachable within 15 minutes.

The mark of a successful master-planned community is quality — superior quality in every detail. As you drive by neighborhoods or examine development plans, don’t forget the oft-ignored elements. It’s the only way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your next investment.


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