Nature-Inspired Homes: Why Modern Tropical Architecture Is Worth It

Last Updated on October 14, 2021 by Lamudi

Among arbiters of taste, modern tropical architecture is particularly popular. When you flip through the pages of glossy design magazines, there it is, either as a celebrity house or a nature-inspired home waiting to be finished. When you drive by affluent communities, you’ll see hints of the style, too, from neutral color palettes to huge windows and columns.

This is what your home could also look like in one of the emerging real estate developments by Greenfield Deluxe down south of the metro. Envisioning a neighborhood filled with homes that feature modern tropical architecture, Greenfield Deluxe is building Trava, a 33-hectare luxury development in Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa. Trava’s lots can be the home of the minimalist, sustainable house of your dreams.

First, let’s answer this question: what is modern tropical architecture? It is a type of architecture that adapts to a tropical climate. It makes use of construction materials that adopt the modern and traditional architecture (in the tropics).

As you choose your lot and save your home design pegs, pay attention to the qualities of modern tropical architecture that make it worth it. Here are some of them: 

Aesthetic Simplicity

Modern tropical architecture reflects simplicity–the kind that’s neither monotonous nor bland. To get this simple but impactful aesthetic, the house you build on Trava’s lots should follow the development’s design guidelines, incorporating clean, straight lines and well-defined, rectangular shapes, as well as long, wide eaves.

The designers of the Greenfield City community strategically incorporated low-emissivity glass materials in its building standards to not only let natural light in, but to also render a better curb appeal, one that appears more luxurious. For your home, pair this feature with color schemes that suggest a “less is more” concept. When you talk to your designer and architect, veer towards neutral palettes, composed mostly of brown, beige, white, gray, and black, complemented by natural textures from wood and stone.

Eco-friendly Features

Modern tropical architecture considers the unique environment of the property’s site, including the climate and sun exposure, among many others. Owing to Sta. Rosa’s natural elements, Trava itself is eco-friendly, giving you the ideal location for your eco-friendly home. Maximize air circulation indoors so that even in the middle of a hot summer in the Philippines, you will feel comfortable without putting a strain on your cooling systems. 

Take full advantage of the features of a modern tropical theme in the home you will build in Trava by featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. Other than the aesthetic appeal, these fixtures will let natural light in, maximizing the sunshine from the warm climate and reducing the need for artificial lighting systems during the day. 

Talk to your architect about the addition of solar panels as well. With a clean, renewable energy source, future residents of Trava can reduce their carbon footprint. Furnish the interiors with baffles and wide doors, to improve airflow indoors and make living the Sta. Rosa lifestyle even more eco-friendly. Remember, the goal is to make less impact on the environment, so the more passive heating and cooling methods you can incorporate, the better.

Sustainable Construction

Your home construction will be a breeze if the plan is tailored to the unique environment of the site. Keep sustainability in mind as you build your home in Trava to withstand the harshest weather and climates. Ultimately, this means you can avoid unnecessary strains on the environment in the form of waste and pollution generated by reconstruction and repairs. 

With the features of modern tropical architecture integrated into your future home, you plan for the property to last for years, not only because of the architecture per se, but also because of Greenfield Development Corporation’s commitment to sustainability in their projects. From the selection of a prime real estate site in Sta. Rosa to the planning of their home design guidelines, everything is a testament to their ethos to build for generations, redefining suburban living in relation to the impact on the environment. 

Modern tropical architecture is widely popular among affluent circles. It’s not surprising: the style is eco-friendly and aesthetically minimalist. In a nutshell, it combines the three most important features of a modern home: simplified aesthetics, eco-friendly maintenance, and sustainable build. Is this kind of design worth it? The answer is a resounding yes, especially in a community like Trava.


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