What to Do When You and Your Partner Can’t Decide on One Home Layout

Your next home embodies all the good things in the world: your aspirations, hard work, and the bright future ahead of you. This dreamy image is one thing to protect in the homebuying process when you’re looking at the possibilities and want them all. Moving into your new home is a big step in a relationship. It’s also at this stage that you and your partner learn how to talk things out and consider each other when making decisions. Now more than ever, you and your future spouse want to be on the same page.

It’s normal to want different things, and your personalities don’t necessarily have to be the same to make the relationship work. Still, the home buying process can be made sweeter if you and your partner do the following: 

Visualize the Layout Together

The first rule of deciding on a home layout is to do it together. For your upcoming date night, while you’re enjoying the pasta and wine, ask your partner to imagine the look and feel of their dream home. Share yours as well. 

Draw up how you want your kitchen to look, where you’d prefer the rooms to be, and what type of views you would like to wake up to. Do this separately, perhaps while waiting for your entrees. Then, show each other the list you came up with. Pay attention to the similarities. Maybe you both want a bedroom that has a view of the garden. It won’t even be surprising to see that, in the end, you both want a big island in the middle of the kitchen. After all, the things you want to include in your dream home probably have a significance in your relationship and may even remind you of your favorite memories as a couple. These are the aspects that you should focus on and use as a springboard for the design of your home. 

From there, agree to put down into writing (or in a vision board) everything you shared, and schedule a viewing with M Residences to see their model townhouses and relay your ideas for the customization of your future home. 

If you have the same preferences on the most important aspects of the house’s layout, such as the type of floor plan, the sizes of the rooms, and the flow of the space, then you’re off to a great start. As for your differences, that’s where the next step comes in.

Give Your Partner Their Own Space

Single men have their man-cave, and women have their she shed. Now that you’re a couple, show your appreciation of your partner’s individuality by letting them change and plan certain spaces according to their preferences. The beauty of being able to customize your home’s layout is you don’t have to go with the exact design you see from M Residences. Knowing the challenges that come with two individuals wanting to create a home together, M Residences offers customization services as part of their commitment to making their projects feel more like home. You can tell them about your ideas for the design, which takes into account your individual spaces. 

It’s a simple expression of love for your partner that you’re letting them decide on the spaces they will use more often. For instance, the spouse who cooks can have the final say in having an L-shaped or a U-shaped kitchen. Meanwhile, you can talk to the design team about the living room and the bathroom layout you think will work best. You can decide where the TV console or the sofa goes. If you want to customize the windows as floor-to-ceiling fixtures, go ahead. 

The Final Touch: Arrange a Private Viewing

Each part of the house will feel more like home if both of you work on the finishing touches together. There is no need to fight over things you can both have by customizing the layout of M Residences model homes. It’s all about visualizing the future and sharing that vision with your partner–down to the minute details. But if your idea needs something more than a sketch to describe, consider scheduling a visit to the location of your future home. 

Go to your future place of residence and talk about how your future children can run around the ample living room space. Show where the master bedroom will go, and how you see the children’s playground in the backyard. Highlight the great schools and parks near the exclusive neighborhood, and mention how you can even get two lots, in case you want enough room for a pool for the family’s enjoyment. M Residences’ interior design team will help in this process, making it possible to turn your vision into reality whenever you’re ready. 

When it comes to house hunting, consider your partner’s needs and preferences as well as your own. And remember, you’re building the dream home together, so it should be designed in a way that makes both of you happy.


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