10 Online Businesses Worth Trying This Quarantine Period

New businesses are popping up everywhere during this quarantine period. While each story is unique, it’s likely the abundance of free time or the influence of the new norm of work that made people pursue their entrepreneurial ideas. This rising trend of new businesses is a testament to what people have been saying over and over: there’s an opportunity in times of crisis. If you want to grab that opportunity yourself and be a small business owner, turn these ideas below into reality:

Put Pre-Loved Items Up for Sale

For many people, decluttering has been their regular hobby during the lockdown. In fact, to some, it’s therapeutic in a way, as they’re able to get rid of unnecessary stuff in their closets and cabinets, making their rooms a haven of cleanliness. If you want to “spark more joy” in your decluttering sessions, sell the items you want to toss away. 

Aside from clothes, there are plenty of things you can sell: furniture and home decor, appliances, gadgets, and books. Use your social media profile for your “clearance sale.” With this, you can already catch a pool of ready, trusting buyers: your friends. Another good platform is online shopping marketplaces. Be sure to include the right keywords when listing up items.

Sell Your Hobby Creations

With a lot of downtime now, you probably have rediscovered your love for certain hobbies, such as cooking, baking, cross-stitching, or painting. Somebody out there may take interest in your creations and be willing to pay a good price. Again, use social media and online shopping platforms to market your products. If you can ‘vlog’ about it and show how you do it, better.

Explore other leisure activities. Perhaps you can try making masks. Include different colors and patterns in your creations to make yours unique. You may also give gardening a shot. Cultivate plants in your backyard, re-pot them, and put them online for sale. A lot more people are designing their homes with plants, so you’ll surely catch a good market with this one.

Get into the PasaBuy Trend

In case you’ve been out of the loop, there’s a trend going on in the online world called “pasabuy,” which is a play on the Filipino word “pasabay” to describe the idea of buying for another person. It’s prompted by the lockdowns in place and movement being restricted. Basically in this set-up, you’ll be offering personal shopping services to your customers. This is the perfect business when you have a car, and your work requires you to be on the road every day.

It’s better if you’ll have a dedicated Facebook page for your pasabuy business. This way, customers can easily place their orders and send you pictures of what they want to buy, along with key information, such as complete name, shipping address, and contact details. It will be easy for you to communicate with customers as well when the item they want to buy isn’t available.

Be very clear on the terms and mode of payment. Some require 50 percent downpayment upon ordering and the shipping fee is on the buyer, settled through bank transfer. Decide how you can best serve your local market.

Resell Essentials (and Luxuries)

Think about the things people need and want the most during this quarantine period. With the work from home set up, most consumers would need gadgets, such as high-definition webcams, excellent-quality headphones, laptop stands, or standing desks. Those who have been busy binge-watching Netflix movies and television shows would need device holders. Getting into fitness, people would like to buy gym equipment and tools.

Pay attention to what you want and need, as this is likely the very items your future customers would prefer to have during this quarantine period. Go review those products you added to cart.

Teach Online

Tutoring online isn’t new. But it became more in-demand because all children are stuck at home now. Offer hourly rates for your clients. To entice parents, provide a free initial session. You’ll be able to build rapport with the kid, making a great impression. You can also share recommendations to the parents, which creates a need for your service.

Of course, it’s not only kids you can teach. If you’re an expert in your field, provide exclusive webinars to professionals in the industry you’re in. If you want to reach more people, publish your sessions on Youtube. Monetize it.

Build a Website

Since almost all enterprises today are shifting online, more people need a website. Be the business businesses look for: be a website developer. If you have the skill to create an e-commerce platform, you’re already one step ahead of the game, because that’s often what new entrepreneurs are after. 

Gather your friends who are into web development, create your own agency, and start reaching out to your own social circles for people who may need such services.

Deliver Healthy Meals

Cooped up at home, people have been into food delivery these days. After all, some of those who are working from home don’t have the time to prepare dishes in between back-to-back Zoom meetings. There’s really a great demand for food delivery services. 

Yet, it’s also worth taking note that a greater portion of the population are now into more nutritious meals, not just any other food. If you’re a healthy foodie yourself, why don’t you scale up your everyday salad preparations and deliver them to interested customers? Start with your own neighbors.

Plan a Virtual Event

With a lot of places still under stay-at-home orders, people are compelled to hold birthdays, baptisms, and even weddings virtually. It’s often the simplest kind of celebration and the main host does all the work, while others watch. There are people who would want to elevate their virtual event experience. 

If you’re a master at coordination and organization, address that need and be a virtual party planner. To make your services comprehensive, you need to be able to offer these aspects:

  • Food. Menu planning and meal delivery (including special cocktails)
  • Theme. Party decorations for the birthday celebrant or to-be-wed couples
  • Photo and video. Coverage of the entire event
  • Entertainment. DJ parties and emcee hosting
  • Invitation. E-invites creation and delivery

Resell Appliances

With people staying at home more, they’ve become more conscious of the items they use in their space. Cooking and cleaning have become the most frequently done chores, trying out social media recipes and sanitizing their place. For this reason, good appliances have become in demand. 

People are more willing to buy new ovens, microwaves, handheld vacuum cleaners, even robotic mops. If you can find a good supplier for these and then resell them to your neighborhood’s Facebook pages, there’s a good chance you’ll discover a profitable venture.

Provide “Self-Care” Services

For sure, you’ve seen vlogs of wives trying the challenge of cutting their husband’s hair. With a lot of barbershops still on a reduced operations capacity, many are still at the risk of getting their head shaved in disaster. Help the husbands and save the wives from their struggle! Offer home haircutting services. You can also offer mani-pedi or massage services. Bring along disinfecting kits for your gear to increase the confidence of your future clients.

Again, in crises, there are opportunities. More people are seeing it now. Find a profitable opportunity for you in these business ideas.


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