From One Parent to Another: 6 Motherhood Lessons From Successful Moms 

There’s nothing quite like being a mother. It’s a journey where you get to play different roles—a nurturer, a friend, a teacher, a household nurse. If you’re also building a career, going through motherhood can be really tough.

The truth is, raising a family is exciting as it is challenging. This is why getting support from fellow mothers is beneficial. Insights from parents who lead successful careers are helpful in knowing how to rise to any occasion and rediscovering the many joys of being a mom. 

Be Your Own COO 

“Be a COO who knows how to balance resources, time, and capabilities. Always have that drive to pursue your passion, and the rest will follow.” – Rosemarie Bosch-Ong

Rosemarie is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Wilcon Depot, one of the well-known home building stores in the country. As a mother and a career-driven woman, she believes that moms, especially those planning to pursue their careers, should know their self-worth and act like top-level executives.

Essentially, her advice is about trusting that you have the abilities to lead your children and succeed in your chosen career path. It’s easy to be overwhelmed once you have someone depending on you, but having confidence will help you cultivate optimism in yourself and your family.

Pay Attention to the Timing 

“Timing is really important. Timing on when to have a child, when to really focus on work. Everything just comes together when the timing is good.” – Beth Ventura 

Meanwhile, Beth Ventura, President of Anchor Land Holdings, believes that timing matters. Since time is a limited resource, she underscored the importance of having a good intuition for when to make your move. Hence, getting the right timing has been her secret to balancing the role of a mom and a corporate leader. 

In an interview with Lamudi, Beth further noted that it’s crucial to always be ready for the next milestone in your life. She shares the same advice with her colleagues, encouraging them to learn everything they need in their current life stage to be ready for the next chapter.

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Design a Nature-Oriented Environment

“Parenthood changes people, and you start thinking about legacy and the world that our kids are gonna grow up in.” — Liza Crespo, Green Living 

Liza is a dedicated mother and a champion of sustainability. She is the creative director of Ecotecture Design, an agency focused on eco-friendly design solutions. Liza has dedicated her life to green living since having her first child. She wanted her children to grow up in an environment where they could enjoy the beauty of nature in the years to come. This strengthened her commitment to pursuing sustainable designs. 

With a nature-oriented home environment, mothers can teach children about the wonders of nature and how to become good stewards of the planet.

Practice Giving Back 

“If I can save a soul and make people happy, I feel super happy.” – Alice Eduardo

Alice is a mother of three and the country’s construction magnate. Despite her busy role as the president and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corp., she continues to set a good example to her family by being a believer in paying it forward. 

As a successful mompreneur, she made it to a position that allowed her to give back to society. One of her passion projects is a 320-square meter pediatric ward at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), which aims to ignite hope among young cancer patients.

By encouraging giving, moms can help children understand people from another background or perspective and do an act that could positively change a community. 

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Let Go of Perfectionism 

Life is messy, and not everything goes according to your plan, so don’t strive to be the perfect working mom! Strive to be a good and present mom instead who makes mistakes but learns and still shows up.” – Justine Rose Justo 

Justine is Lamudi’s very own HR Business partner, motivated to help the company grow and inspire moms within and outside her workplace. When asked what advice she would give to other moms, she said accepting that you can’t do it all is a good start. There’s comfort in acknowledging that mommies make mistakes too, and it’s part of the journey to becoming a better nurturer. It also lets you see and appreciate all the people who would love to help out.

Justine added, “If something is not working for you, discuss, negotiate. Talk to your husband, your family, friends, manager, and colleagues.” 

Stay Smart with Money

My goal as a mom is to have financial stability. That’s why I looked for a part-time job. As a parent, we dream of giving our children a good life.” – MJ Jambaro

While money isn’t everything, it helps mothers provide for their families and find opportunities for children to grow. This is the reality for MJ, a successful real estate agent partner of Lamudi.

In an interview, she shared how she was able to fulfill the roles of being a mother and an agent using technology. MJ recognized that traditional efforts aren’t working anymore for the digital-savvy market, so she decided to use the Lamudi platform.

MJ said that “Lamudi continues to work for her” even if she’s doing her duties as a mother. The platform has given her plenty of business opportunities while making work-life balance a reality.

With all these motherhood lessons, there is indeed no single way to become a good mom. But there’s always an opportunity for improvement and to live the #momlife to the fullest. 

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