Mimiyuuuh Completes Backyard Renovation: How to Achieve the Bali Vibe at Home?

Social media sensation Mimiuyuuuh finally completed his year-long backyard renovation project. The Youtube vlogger, also known as one of the faces of the OPM hit song “Dalagang Pilipina,” have recreated the coveted Bali feeling at home. 

With the help of a professional landscape artist, Mimiyuuuh managed to infuse an island personality into his backyard. He said he loves spending time there and wanted to maintain its tropical look and feel. The renovated backyard also matches the vlogger’s bedroom with a “villa in Bali” vibe.

The Balinese style is grounded in nature, making it a perfect option when creating a home that’s in tune with the environment. In the video of Mimiyuuuh’s backyard reveal, rich flora, wild greenery, and aesthetic raw materials take center stage.


Using Bali-inspired design elements, you can also create a blissful holiday experience at your own home. Here’s how to get started:

Use Bamboo for Styling 

While giving a tour of his renovated backyard, Mimiyuuuh mentioned that he finds the gentle swishing sound of bamboo leaves soothing. Hence, there’s a portion in his yard that showcase naturally charming bamboo plants. 

Adding such plants to your garden will also enliven it, thanks to their striking stems and lush foliage. They’re ideal for outdoor areas since they thrive in a light-filled environment. You’ll find many types of bamboo for decorative use, but the clustering types are the best ones for creating a tropical vibe. 

You can also incorporate bamboo into your home by using it as flooring, accent piece, wall cover, or furniture. 

Create a Space of Solitude 

In Bali garden designs, it’s typical to have a fair amount of privacy. In fact, in Mimiyuuuh’s backyard, you’ll find a patio that encourages quiet reflection. It also doubles as an extra space for entertaining and an intimate nook for spending time with loved ones. He said they already used the area for Zumba sessions and as a chill drinking spot.

The patio features real wood flooring and a cozy seating space. For an oasis effect, the area is surrounded by unique trees and plants given to the family. At night, the patio is stunningly illuminated by string lights.

Add a Water Feature 

Of course, a Balinese-inspired home wouldn’t be complete without a water feature. This could be a fish pond, a small stream, a water fountain, or a swimming pool just like in Mimiyuuuh’s renovated backyard.

The calming sight and therapeutic sound of a water feature help establish that restful feeling. The feature itself can also serve as a focal point of the garden, adding a “wow factor” to it. 

When landscaping, note that installing a water feature is crucial to further enhance the ambiance and provide contrast to hard architectural elements. 

Outside Your Home, Plan for Access Paths

While beautifying your outdoor area, consider how you’re going to different parts of it. Take cues from Mimiyuuuh’s Bali-inspired backyard that has step pads, artificial turf, and pebbled paths. 

You can also use large natural stones with some spaces between them. Design it in a way that you’ll have measured and relaxing steps as you make your way through your garden.

To boost curb appeal, consider adding walkway plantings or foliage plants in the surrounding areas. These plants are known for having colorful and interesting leaves. Some examples are the elephant ear and tropical ginger plants, which you’ll also spot in Mimiyuuuh’s backyard.

Inside Your Home, Go Au Natural 

For a full-on island vibe, create matching looks for your garden and interiors. Inside your home, you should aim for a magical balance of nature-inspired colors. The warm and light shades of brown, blue, white, and green are some of the freshest colors of Bali. A dash of teal or yellow can serve as the main color accent. 

Another tip is to use natural shades for your home accessories, such as cushions, rugs, and framed artworks. Choose items that are made from materials like fiber and rattan. 

Finally, keep in mind that Balinese interiors have a bright and airy atmosphere. Mixing and matching light sources will then be ideal for recreating Bali’s eternal sunshine and tropical vibes. Chandeliers, candles, and lanterns can add elegance and a dramatic flair to your home’s interior.

Following these Balinese design tips, you can create a home that’s warm and inviting at every turn. Ultimately, you’ll have a tropical sanctuary that simulates a holiday experience all year round.

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