Manny Pacquiao: A Boxing Champ’s Many Havens

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The Pinoy Boxing Legend has once again proven himself worthy of the title as he successfully defended his WBA Welterweight Championship against Adrien Broner last January 20, 2019 in Las Vegas.

With a stellar record of ten world titles in eight divisions, it is not surprising how Manny Pacquiao has amassed so much wealth and popularity in his 24-year boxing career. Having an estimated net worth of $200 million, WBC’s Fighter of the Decade and his wife of 17 years, Jinkee Pacquiao, has invested in multiple residential properties. It is reported that the couple now owned around 7 houses both in the Philippines and abroad.

Here are four of Pacquiao’s residential homes in the Philippines that will surely incite envy and praise from homeowners and home dreamers alike.

Sarangani Beach House

Pacquiao’s home in the Province of Sarangani is a 14-bedroom beach house that stands along the shorelines of Gumasa Beach in Glan. It is a modern-looking residence located near a resort and within a protected marine sanctuary.

Pacquiao’s private resort boasts of a stunning view of the beach and an unobstructed sunset when dusk arrives. The relaxing ambiance of the property provides an escape from the busy cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The house’s monochromatic white exterior gives it a fresh and timeless impression. Aside from its cool aesthetic, white also allows for a cool temperature. Unlike dark colors, the sun is averse to white, which means it doesn’t attract the sun’s heat. The color also accentuates the other details of the house, especially the rich wood paneling. Without the distraction of other colors, the white exterior of Pacquiao’s beach house highlights the lush tropical plants surrounding the residence and the clear blue skies of the countryside.

The wooden interior design also gives the house a simple yet dramatic effect. The wooden floor and furniture pieces, as well as the wooden accented details,  evoke a cozy atmosphere, creating a sense of rustic comfort, warmth, and harmony. Having incorporated wood elements in the interior maximized the relaxing atmosphere of the home.

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Pacman’s Mansion

Pacquiao grew up in the humble city of General Santos and has already built two mansions in his hometown. His first home, known to the locals as “Pacman’s Mansion,” is Mediterranean-inspired. It is a two-storey property that stands on a 2,300-square-meter land, with seven bedrooms, a gym, a billiards room, an entertainment center, a recording studio, and a swimming pool. Pacman’s Mansion is furnished and designed with a cornucopia of colors and tastes reminiscent of Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, and France. Each room is designed with specific color palettes, fabrics, textures and themes that are distinct from, yet blends well with each other.

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From the rustic and colorful furniture pieces to the elegant drapes, curtains, chandeliers, and other decorative accents, Pacman’s Mansion excites a romantic ambiance that resembles a restful European retreat.

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The “White House”

After Pacquiao’s successful match with Timothy Bradley in 2012, he built another mansion in General Santos, known as the “White House.” Unlike the first mansion, the White House is designed with a contemporary style. The residential structure is marked with clean streamlined lines. It is known as the “White House” for a reason: both the exterior and interior of the building is predominantly white—from the walls to the ceilings and floors. The interior of the house is decorated with modern furniture pieces accentuated with rustic elements of wood and woven materials.

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This contemporary style gives a modern ambiance without being dark or cluttered. Most contemporary styles are minimalist and seemingly cold. To add a touch of “homey” feeling, the couple added framed photographs of their family and accentuated the rooms with bright tones to add warmth and energy.

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Forbes Mansion

Forbes Park is the popular haven for the ultra-rich and famous in the Philippines. Pacquiao definitely earned his way to secure a home in probably the most exclusive private subdivision in Makati. Unlike his previous homes, Pacquiao’s three-storey Forbes mansion is inspired by a modern tropical style. It fuses the modernity of a cosmopolitan lifestyle with the tropical ambiance of the Philippines. The property itself seems like a high-end resort, with a relaxing swimming pool and well-landscaped tropical garden. The property is designed with stone columns, large windows, and sliding doors.

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The white exterior perfectly highlights the wooden panels, which adds to the elegant aesthetics of the property. The home areas are spacious and furnished with neutral furniture pieces accentuated with strong colors like red. The living room is especially spacious, with a high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Wooden and glass furniture and accessories are common in the house, which provides a rustic, elegant and comfortable ambiance.

Other Residences

Pacquiao also has a two-storey residence located in Laguna, with six bedrooms and a four-car garage. This property has a simple white exterior with minimal accents. Accordingly, the couple decided to buy the house due to its proximity to their children’s school.

Two of Pacquiao’s residences are found in exclusive addresses abroad. One being in Beverly Hills and the other in Los Angeles.

The stunning Beverly Hills estate was previously owned by American Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs. This $12.5-million home sits on a 10,000-square property. The interior is inspired by a Mediterranean flair that screams luxury and comfort—from the seven bedrooms all the way to the living room, dining room and gourmet chef’s kitchen. The property’s entrance is even adorned with a sweeping staircase and a chandelier.

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Unlike his Beverly Hills residence, his Los Angeles property is a simple two-storey home with a quasi-Spanish style. The arched windows and the tiled roof are a stark contrast to the modern elegance of his Beverly Hills estate, but its interior is no less contemporary. The living room, for instance, is furnished in a minimalist black and white palette. The rest of the interior is also decorated with modern furniture pieces.

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Hopefully, these homes of the People’s Champ will not just incite envy, but also inspire aspiring homeowners to aim big and achieve their dream homes.

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