Check Out These Homekeeping Tips From Your Favorite Celebrities

Ever wonder how some of your favorite celebrities fare when it comes to maintaining their homes? Here are some useful pointers gathered from a few well-known celebs.

Solenn Heussaff on Decorating a New Home

Filipina-French actress and model Solenn Heussaff shares her practical tips on decorating your home, especially if you are moving to a new one. The first thing she advises is to prioritize what needs to be fixedthe most basic ones are electrical connections, piping, drainage, and pest control.

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The decorative pieces should be for reserved later if you are on a budget or you can repaintas this is the cheapest way to brighten up your house. She also suggests putting life into the home by adding your personal touches, such as using framed photos of your family and using a lot of green plants. Additional decorations can come from items which you already have but you never thought could be used as décor, like books and glassware.

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Solenn also believes that if you need to invest in certain things, it should be the items that you use a lotmaybe a good mattress and couch, or kitchen appliances if you love cooking.

Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales on Throwing Parties

Filipinos are fun-loving people who look forward to every chance they can to celebrate occasions and holidays with families and friends. Hosting parties for birthdays, Christmas, family reunions, and for so many other reasons has become part of the lifestyle of many. If you are planning to entertain guests in your home soon but are short on time, you might get some pointers from how celebrity couple Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales organize stunning parties with minimal time and effort. Their suggestion: some friends to help out, plus time spent in browsing Pinterest.

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You may want to start with deciding what theme you like for the partyand then take everything from there. For their Mexican-themed party, Kim and Jericho transformed an outdoor area of their home by adding a tent where whimsical lights hung. Smooth wooden pallets were laid on the ground as the dining area, and beautiful rugs and throw pillows are used as sit-upon. Classy dinnerware and Kim’s simple centerpiece made of greens and blooms with candles in glass containers added elegance to the wooden pallets. Soothing music and good food were the final touches, but not to forget mosquito and bug repellents which are essential for an outdoor party.

Heart Evangelista on How to Organize a Vanity Dresser

Actress and socialite Heart Evangelista share some tips in organizing your beauty stash and vanity dresser. First, everyday makeup items should be all in one place which you can easily access. It saves you some time on your makeup routine. If you are the kind of person who loves lipstick and have a lot of it, she recommends putting these in a clear, acrylic organizer where you can see the colors easily. She further emphasized the importance of a “catch-all”similar to containers used in your kitchen, foyers, or nightstands. You put all the items you are always reaching for in this catch-all tray. It will be helpful that you do not have to always look for each item in different locations.

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Heart Evangelista on Pet-Friendly but Chic Homes

Heart, who is also the spokesperson of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), shares more tipsthis time for the pet-lovers like her. She suggests that you should have a special seat in your home for your petsmaybe an old armchair you no longer need. For the seats in your home, easy-to-clean leather (or faux) should be your choice because pet stains show on velvet or suede upholstery. Spray a touch of 3M Scotchguard to further protect your upholstery.

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Throw pillows can also be draped over upholstered seats for protection or use some snuggly blankets over the sofa and bed as a shield from fur. To make it chicer, the color of blankets and pillows should match your interiors. Lastly, pets should have their own bed which is why she recommends investing in specialty pet beds for your furry friends.

Celebrities are just like other people who have to keep their homes in order and we sure can learn from these tips that they shared on how they manage domestic concerns.

Sources: Solenn’s Website, Real Living PH

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Sources: Solenn’s Blog, Real Living PH


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