5 Things to Do to Keep Your Kids Safe When Playing Outdoors

If one activity can help your child be physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy, for sure, you’re going to let them do that thing over and over again, right? Interestingly, there is one activity that can promote your kid’s well-being holistically: outdoor play. 

This activity helps them practice motor skills, strengthen bones and muscles, and even burn calories. They get to interact with peers and find happiness when they form bonds with others. 

Outdoor play helps them take a break from devices and appreciate the world around them. But of course, as much as the outdoors present many opportunities for healthy recreation, it’s not without risks. This is why it’s important for families to find a safe community when looking for a home to live in. 

This was the key topic mentioned by momfluencer Isha Borromeo in the webilaunch Lamudi recently released with One Lancaster Park, the first residential condo in Lancaster New City in Cavite. If you want your kids to have more outdoor play, beware of the safety threats so you can take steps towards protecting them. 

Take note of these tips below to keep your children safe as they enjoy playing outdoors:

Let Them Play in Kid-Designated Areas Only

One of the top safety threats outside the home is passing vehicles. Although most residential communities have speed limits, sometimes they’re not enough to prevent accidents involving young children. The best way to avoid this is to keep kids away from main roads and let them play in kid-designated areas only. 

The first rule in outdoor play safety is avoid vehicles. At One Lancaster Park, there’s an amenity zone specifically for children, aptly called the Kids Zone. Another feature that makes this condo community safe is the limited access loop road, which keeps cars from the amenity area.

Beware of Wear and Tear on Playground Equipment

Another safety risk in outdoor play is defective playground equipment. When using the slides, swings or climbing bars, children may experience cuts and scrapes, falls, or entrapment when the equipment are poorly designed or maintained. Before allowing your children to use the swings or slides, watch out for signs of wear and tear: splinters or cracks on wooden equipment, and rust on the metal ones. At One Lancaster Park, you can rest assured that equipment at the Kids Zone are properly maintained because there’s a property manager on site. 

Familiarize Yourself with Nearby Hospitals

Speaking of injuries, you must know where to take your child if ever unfortunate incidents happen. It’s important to keep a list of hospitals near your home. Or if possible, have your family doctor’s number on speed dial. Touted as a #HomeSafeHome, One Lancaster Park will have an on-site clinic that will serve a range of medical needs.

Stay Away from Crowds

We’re still in a pandemic. Aside from injury risks, there are health risks involved when kids go out and come into contact with peers. For this reason, try to veer away from community areas that are crowded with people. Practice physical distancing, maintaining a six-feet distance from other people. If you do decide to live in One Lancaster Park, there’s a vast space for your child’s outdoor play since 70% of the development is dedicated to open spaces.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Nothing beats close supervision on children when it comes to safety. This is the best thing to do to keep them from people who have dangerous intentions. But if you’re still looking for a permanent place to live in, go for a community that has modern security measures in place that will do the “supervision” in your behalf. 

For instance, in One Lancaster Park, the building is equipped with CCTV cameras, as well as RFID elevators and locksets. The entire complex is surrounded by a perimeter fence, as the entrances and exits are well-guarded. You can have the peace of mind that only residents and authorized individuals can go into the community.

Outdoor play is beneficial for kids, science says. But while we encourage children to go outside more, it’s important to ensure their safety. Use these tips above to reduce safety risks. Invest in One Lancaster Park, your #HomeSafeHome.


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