What Does Joyful Coastal Living Look Like in the New Normal?

Imagine looking over the clear blue sky and tranquil sea framed by tropical foliage. As residential communities evolve, this is the kind of moment you can expect at home every day.

In Ashana Coast Residences in Liloan, Cebu, it’s possible to experience coastal living at its best. This master-planned community allows you to have a full-time vacation, thanks to its proximity to the coast and well-crafted amenities.

In Ashana Coast Residences, the joy of coastal living has a new look and feel. This project offers more than just a place to relax as it exemplifies the move towards building resilient, self-sustaining communities. 

To give you a clearer picture, here’s what joyful coastal living looks like in the new normal: 

Your Unit is Stay-at-Home Ready

Be inspired by the interior of Coral house model in Ashana Coast Residences – Artist’s Perspective

Towards a better normal, you need a residence that can cater to new and varied at-home activities. A designated office space, sanitation nook, and isolation area are some features that are turning from nice-to-haves to must-haves. 

Reconfigured for the new normal, units in Ashana Coast Residences also have such features. These four-bedroom houses have a floor space of 100 to 120 square meters, spacious enough to have areas for working, learning, resting, and bonding with the whole family. 

Units in this community are also considered stay-at-home ready because they can be integrated with smart technology. Think of having fast Internet connectivity; you can be productive at work without interruptions. Imagine owning smart appliances; you can free up your time and make everyone’s life more comfortable. In a nutshell, your home will become a place perfect for staying in and keeping safe.

Your Lifestyle is More Sustainable 

Going green feels good. By being mindful of your energy use, waste management habits, and food, you can contribute to reducing environmental damage. This can lead to improved well-being—not just yours but of those around you. 

In developments like Ashana Coast Residences, living sustainably could become second nature. This is because its eco-friendly homes utilize more natural light, water catchment, and solar-ready roofing. The community also has a Blooms Park and Edible Garden, promoting outdoor activities and food security. 

Literally, living sustainably allows you to be closer to nature. In Ashana Coast Residences, you can enjoy the cool breeze and abundance of sunshine while spending time at the wellness zone, jogging trails, and sea and sky viewing deck. 

You’re in a Highly Exclusive and Secure Community

Today’s coastal living experience is also made better by increased security measures. Contempo Property Holdings, Inc., the developer behind Ashana Coast Residences, adheres to higher safety standards.

The community is envisioned as a highly exclusive community of 128 household units only. Each unit will use cast-in-place technology to withstand harsh weather conditions in the Philippines. This technology makes the units resistant to fire, earthquakes, and water seepage. 

The self-sustained development is also equipped with CCTVs, ensuring round-the-clock security. For added safety, Ashana Coast Residences will feature wide main and secondary roads, leading to less congestion and more maneuverability inside the community. 

You Live in a Thriving Coastal Municipality

Ashana Coast Residences’ location is vibrant and progressive; it could become a city of its own – Artist’s Perspective

In the new normal, we expect pent-up demand to travel freely again. But why travel miles away when your new home can double as a place of relaxation or your favorite vacation destination? 

Coastal municipalities like Liloan in Cebu are emerging as ideal locations for a joyful coastal living experience. Being near the coast is rejuvenating—physically and emotionally. It allows you to lead a better and healthier life. 

Further, Liloan is a booming town offering several leisure opportunities to its residents. When you choose to live here, you can conveniently enjoy an ambiance of serenity by visiting nearby historical sites, cultural attractions, and mountain resorts. 

Liloan also lies within Metro Cebu, the third largest metropolitan area in the country. Locals can easily access modern developments, including transportation infrastructures like Cebu-North Coastal Road and Cansaga Bay Bridge. 

The soon-to-rise Bay Mall will provide a safe and modern shopping experience to Liloan residents. At the same time, the town’s Children’s Hospital and Cebu Technological University Campus will make it more appealing to starting and growing families.

Coastal living in Liloan isn’t only joyful but opportunity-filled. The same is true for Ashana Coast Residences. Residing here allows you to balance sustainable and convenient living while enjoying optimal relaxation. 

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