Janella Salvador: Darna 2022’s Valentina Backstory

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Since its comic release in 1950, Mars Ravelo’s Darna has had over 14 film adaptations and 4 TV series. The latest, of course, is ABS-CBN’s 2022 Darna TV series. While the series is about Narda Custodio (played by Jane De Leon), a young emergency medical technician who takes on the role of Darna from her mother, it was Valentina, her arch nemesis, who became the talk of the town. In this latest adaptation, Janella Salvador gives life to Regina Vanguardia and Valentina. 

Valentina’s Many Faces Throughout the Years

The portrayal of Valentina continuously adjusts depending on the kind of society Filipinos lived through at that time. Valentina’s character and alter ego reflect what they perceive as the source of evil and goodness. 

For example, in the 1973 film “Lipad, Darna, Lipad!” actress Celia Rodriguez played the role of Dr. Maharani Valentina Vrandakapoor, a doctoral degree graduate in Reptilian Zoology from the University of New Delhi. In the 1994 film “Darna: Ang Pagbabalik!” Pilita Corrales played the role of Valentina, and Cherie Gil as her daughter, Valentine. Valentine, in this movie, is an evangelist presenting as a messiah. She tries to control the country through subliminal messages on religious TV shows. 

The portrayal of villains has now evolved not just to escalate a narrative conflict or advance a hero’s journey. Villains are now relatable. In 2022’s Darna, Janella Salvador is now giving life to the role of Valentina and Atty. Regina Vanguardia, Valentina’s alter ego. In this series, Regina Vanguardia is a fierce but compassionate lawyer and vlogger who reveals the injustices in the fictional town of Nueva Esperanza. She also accepts pro bono cases and has a foundation.

Even if she is the series villain, Valentina has earned viewers’ admiration as she is aware of the wrongs in her surroundings. She is also actively doing something to improve the situation, especially for the less fortunate. Indeed, as Janella Salvador mentioned, Valentina is a “kontrabida with a heart.”

However, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows for this fantastic character. Despite her achievements, wealth, beauty, and qualities, Atty. Regina Vanguardia has a sad life. The complexity in her character is something everyone should look forward to in the series.

Valentina’s Office and Home: Spaces Reflecting Her Fierceness and Personality

Aside from the outstanding performance of Janella Salvador, the interior design of Valentina’s office and home perfectly reflects her personality. Here are elements in her office and home that reflect Valentina’s identity—inside and out.

Half-Face Portrait

Portrait at Valentina's office
Screengrabbed from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

Inside Regina’s living room, you can see a painting of half of her face in a golden frame. This art piece is eye-catching and gives the viewers a clue about Atty. Regina Vanguardia is just half of who she is as she is also Valentina.

Shelves With Lighting

Awards, trophies, and books highlighted behind Janella's office desk
Screengrabbed from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

As a lawyer, Atty. Regina proudly displays her books, certificates, and awards in her office and at home. To display these in an organized and eye-catching manner, she has numerous shelves at work and at home with strip lights. The light makes the shelves look more elegant, making it easier to find the items displayed. 

Solid Color Interior Walls

Regina’s office walls are painted black with accents of grey, exuding a feeling of sophistication and class. Her office remains bright thanks to the wall designs that resemble wall light fixtures and the scattered black lamp shades. It also adds a touch of drama to her space. 

Colorful Furniture Pieces

Multicolored chairs and tables in Atty. Regina's office
Screengrabbed from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

Despite her character, the colorful seats in Regina’s office and home give off a feeling of youthfulness and cheerfulness to contrast with the dark-colored walls of her interiors. These furniture pieces add a pop of color to her space in a similar way that her kindness and compassion add a touch of love to her otherwise fierce exterior.

Touches of Gold

View of Atty. Regina's office with touches of gold
Screengrabbed from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube Channel

You can find touches of gold in Regina’s furniture pieces like her office chair, wall accents, window frames, and coffee table. These touches of gold reflect her wealth and luxury. 

Spacious Office Windows

The windows in Regina’s office are almost floor-to-ceiling, allowing natural light to pass through her office. This element can also serve as a sign of hope. Hope to correct the wrongs she’s fighting for in her town and hope that despite her being an arch nemesis of Darna, maybe, just maybe, she can finally climb out of the cliff and find the real happiness she truly deserves.

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Main photo from ABS-CBN News


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