Is Work–Life Balance Possible if You Work from Home?

Working from home does not mean that work–life balance is automatically achieved, although it can be by following these simple tips

With the constant advancement of digital and communication technologies, as well as the limited supply of office space and the resulting high costs for buying or renting, the number of entrepreneurs and freelancers opting to work from home continues to rise.

This type of working arrangement, although undoubtedly economical, often entails a lack of separation between home and office, which usually results in the already-challenging-to-achieve work–life balance further being left unaddressed. After all, how does one “get away from work” when work is done at home?

If you are one of those who work from home—or entertaining the idea of becoming one—best keep in mind these tips that can help you balance personal and professional within the same space.

1. Make and Maintain a Schedule

Balancing work and life ultimately boils down to proper time management, which may become even more challenging if work, along with your family or roommates, resides with you at home. Tedious or boring as it may sound, it is important to establish a schedule that you have to religiously abide by.

Scheduling Work–Life Balance if You Work from Home
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Establish a Time Inventory

Grab a blank calendar and start penciling in activities and work obligations. By doing this, you give yourself the opportunity to work around your life—and not have life revolve around work instead. As you establish the list, be honest with how much time each activity takes, considering even seemingly smaller details like preparing breakfast or seeing off the kids before starting work, to make sure very little time is wasted.

Break Down the Work Hours

Once you see what is left after making your time inventory, you will know how much is left for work and can now determine if it is enough to get your daily work responsibilities done with minimal glitches. If not, then you might need to rearrange some of your personal activities to have a little more time. After all, you still need to stay productive to be able to earn. Also consider leaving an hour in day empty for unexpected use, which will help you adjust to any sudden delays or interruptions.

Guard the Agenda

Work only during the hours you have set for the job, and make sure that they’re set as regular as possible. This way, your family, friends, and clients will have an easier time adhering to your normal work hours. Conversely, once your work hours are over, close your email and let work-related phone calls go to voice mail. Living and breathing work 24/7, even in the convenience of your own home, is an easy way to burn out.

2. Create Some Separation between Work and Life

While working from home conveniently eliminates the hassle of commuting, it however blurs the lines between home and office. This often contributes to you either finding it difficult to move into a working mindset, or constantly keeps your mind in “work-mode” and not knowing when to turn it off.

Work wear Work–Life Balance if You Work from Home
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Get Dressed

When you work in an office outside of your home, part of the routine is to change from home clothes to an outfit that is more work-appropriate. Although it is tempting to work in your pajamas since you are at home anyway, it may not be the best choice for your productivity.

Several studies have indicated that how one dresses can affect performance at work and overall career advancement, and a home-based job should be no different. By dressing in an attire that you wear outside, you help yourself get into a mindset of “right now, you’re working.”

Set a Designated Workplace

If possible, make one room in your home dedicated exclusively for work. Don’t do work anywhere else in the house, while at the same time, don’t do any leisure activity in that room. It is easy to check on the game on TV while writing an article, just as it is quickly to check an email in the midst of family dinner, so avoid this by designating space where you can better fully commit to what you are supposed to be doing at the time.

Of course, not everyone will have the option of having an entirely separate room devoted for a home office, especially if you are a condo dweller. Fortunately, while you always have the option of designating a “work space” in your living or dining room (likely just a desk), you don’t have too, thanks to real estate developers like Megaworld Corporation.

Their Salcedo Village development, The Ellis, is an example of the future work-from-home environment where the home and office are in the same address, but not quite in the same location. Residents of this upcoming condo project get to utilize its CoLAB Shared Spaces, which are creative, nonconventional working areas located separately from the residential area, where one can simply come in, set up their laptop, and work peacefully for the day.

Apart from providing the desired designated work space with complete amenities for the home-office-goer, coworking areas like the CoLAB Shared Spaces functions as a place to hold meetings with clients or collaborate with colleagues, saving the expense of scheduling a meeting at a café or a restaurant.

3. Get out, Take Breaks

Another challenge to work–life balance for work-from-home professionals is the tendency to feel “trapped” in one’s own home. If you have no errands, appointments, or other reasons to go out, you might find yourself cooped up at home just working for days, or even weeks, at a time. To avoid finding yourself working nonstop, it is important to schedule going out and taking a break, be it as simple as walking around the neighborhood or going to the condo gym or swimming pool.

The Ellis CoLab Work–Life Balance if You Work from Home

In homes like those in The Ellis, work-from-home professionals not only get to take break in the nearby establishments around Salcedo Village and the rest of the Makati central business district, they also get to exclusively enjoy the development’s Pause and Play Room, where the only rule is to have fun. Amenities in this area include classic board games, foosball, and hammocks. Then there is the Town Hall, a contemporary space perfect for casual socials, movie showings, acoustic sessions, and hosting of art exhibits, among others.

The Ellis Pause and Play Room Work–Life Balance if You Work from Home
The Ellis Pause and Play Room. Artist’s rendering courtesy of Megaworld Makati

Establishing a life and a career can be challenging. At The Ellis, residents get the chance to be successful at both, through carefully designed units and amenities created for the modern, distinctive needs of residences who do not want to compromise work or life.

This article was sponsored by Megaworld Makati.

For more information on The Ellis, contact +63917-887-6223, email, or visit and

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