Home is Where the Heart is: Reasons Why OFWs Should Prioritize Investing in a Home

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Overseas Filipino Workers pluck themselves from the comforts of their homes in order to build a better life for their family. But are they investing their hard earned money in the right place?

Our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are often called brave and strong for embarking on a career path that entails a lot of sacrifices. They’re forced to live in separate countries from their loved ones just so they can provide them with a better life. The working conditions faced by these OFWs may not exactly be ideal either: the bosses might not be so kind and you might not be allowed too many leisure (i.e. vacation leaves, time offs, etc.), racial discrimination, language and cultural barriers, and many more. To make matters worse is some OFWs, may not even see their loved ones for years or decades even.

Living so far apart from your family is tough, but they purge on because at the heart of everything these OFWs do is building a life for them.

But what kind of life do you want to build for them? Some OFWs choose to allocate most of their salary to their children’s quality education. Others choose to spend the money to pay for their basic needs and save the rest in case of a rainy day.

But above all else, OFWs must prioritize in investing in a home for their families. Here’re some of the reasons why:

Provides safety and security for your family

The top reason why you should invest in having a home for your family is that a home provides safety and security for your loved ones. Buying a home means you get to choose a neighborhood where there lesser sketchy areas or sketchy people around the vicinity. Your family can say goodbye to your malicious and angry-looking neighbors or scheming thieves running around the place.

If you’re going for a condominium unit or an apartment unit, there are typically security guards taking a watch of the place and security cameras as an added security measure.

A secure home is also a quiet home. Your family can enjoy their lives at home without having to worry about the threats outside.

Can lead to a life of comfort

Buying a home can also lead to a life of comfort. Long gone are the days where your loved ones have to put up with your neighbor blasting karaoke or radio music at 12 in the morning. They’ll have their own space to create or relax on their own. They can sleep in until late afternoon or play video games well into the night. They could also have fun in their own kitchen, concocting the best food they possibly can. They can invite their friends over and have a party own their own.

They’ll have more freedom also to dictate what they can and cannot do inside their home when it’s their own.

An investment in the long run

Having your own home is an investment in the long run. Some experts claim that buying your own home can save you thousands and even millions of pesos since rent may go up or down but owning a home is a one time purchase (only you decide to move to another place). With the money you’ll be saving, you can spend the money elsewhere (trips, shopping, etc.) or save it in your bank.

Owning a home is also an asset which can become a backup plan when you find yourself out of cash once more. In case money becomes a problem for you and your family, you can sell your home to an interested buyer or open up a room for someone who may want to board.

Milestone achievement

Buying a home for your family is also a milestone achievement, both for you and your loved ones. Acquiring your own place means that you can afford to have your own security and have enough stability to enjoy even the simplest pleasures. Buying a home indicates that your hard work has truly paid off and that your family can reap the benefits of it.

A home carries a family’s entire history, witnessing life-long memories and milestones. All these make growing your family within the walls of your own home is sweeter as the years go by and for generations to come. 


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