Grow Your Wealth Amid a Pandemic by Investing in a Mixed Residential-Dormitory Development

While there are countless ways to grow and maintain wealth, investing in a real estate property remains among the best options. Passive income, long-term financial security, and price appreciation make real estate a wealth-producing business. 

Under the widening landscape of real estate investments, there are several options to make money: flipping houses, buy-and-hold, and buy-to-rent, to name a few. All these options are proven ways to make money, but renting out is a clear winner if looking for a steady monthly income and worry-free investment.

Why Tap the Rental Market for a Future-Proofed Business? 

UniPlace @ SWU Village – Artist’s Perspective

Owning a house is a constant dream for many Filipinos. This was evident pre-pandemic, as seen on the pageviews of for-sale properties on Lamudi, around 63-66% before the ECQ. However, as quarantine measures loosen, rental inquiries are catching up. In the eyes of would-be investors, venturing in a rental business will likely yield returns amid and beyond the pandemic.

Easing lockdown rules and the arrival of vaccines increased the hopes of going back to normal, which includes face-to-face classes and business activities. This is another great reason why investing in a residential-dorm property makes sense today — you’ll be right on time to cater to the imminent rental demand. This is true if you’ll invest in a property located in booming metro areas like Cebu City. Interest in Cebu real estate has been growing since 2019 as the city expands its urban skyline and creates more jobs. Despite the emergence of a global pandemic, the rental market remained resilient in leisure destinations, according to Lamudi’s March trend report. This makes Cebu a favorable location if you want to start a rental business.

What Makes a Mixed Residential and Dormitory Development a Smart Investment?

UniPlace @ SWU Village Dormitory Unit – Artist’s Perspective

A mixed residential and dormitory development like UniPlace @ SWU Village is brought to life to help investors make a fortune for the long haul. Here are the key characteristics that make a residential-dorm property worth investing in: 

Profitable location: The location always comes as a top consideration when looking at real estate investments, and it’s no different when eyeing a residential-dorm property. UniPlace @ SWU Village, for instance, is located in one of the country’s growth epicenters, Cebu City. Seeing the positive outlook on Cebu’s real estate market, the need for residential properties in this area will only increase. 

To ensure the highest possible returns, UniPlace @ SWU Village is exactly built within a university village, so it’s only a few steps away from the Southwestern University. This makes UniPlace @ SWU Village appealing for students living outside Cebu, and an excellent example of how location can drive profits.

Modern features: A top-quality mixed residential-dorm property is designed for the diverse needs of tenants and investors. It’s equipped with facilities such as a study lounge and a multi-purpose deck that allow all residents to seamlessly perform their preferred lifestyle activities.

High-level safety is apparent in a mixed-residential dorm property, considering the presence of advanced 24/7 security features. Think CCTV systems, fire escapes, fire hose cabinets, and a biometric access system. 

Hassle-free ownership: If you have a full-time job or another business on the side, it’s not every day that you get a chance to manage a residential-dorm unit. The good thing is, an investment like this goes hand-in-hand with in-house management services.

For instance, developments like UniPlace @ SWU Village allow you to invest in a dorm unit and profit from it without any hassle. There will be professionals ready to help you find tenants, collect rent, and maintain the unit. This allows you to earn well, almost hands-free! 

What’s Next Once You Invest in a Mixed Residential-Dorm Property?   

Investing in a residential-dorm unit is just the first step to growing your wealth. Property management services are already available to get your rental business rolling, so what’s left for you to do? 

Scan the QR code to view UniPlace @ SWU Village’s virtual tour

If you want to get more involved in the process, you may want to explore the power of digitization. 3D virtual tours of your rental unit and usage of online listing platforms will build online presence for your business. At the same time, learning about the changing rental market can help future-proof your property and assess if you’re getting the expected financial returns. Finally, in the wake of COVID-19, renters would be more critical of cleanliness. Ensuring that your residential-dorm property nurtures health, safety, and wellness at all times will benefit you and your renters in the long run.

For an investment that’s guaranteed to produce wealth, consider UniPlace @ SWU Village, the only mixed residential and dorm development in Cebu City. Furnished dorm units await would-be investors, allowing for hassle-free property investment. Browse through the available units on Lamudi today.


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