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It is normal to face setbacks. What matters most is how you will act upon them. Like any other line of work, the real estate industry is competitive and challenging, but these trials should not stop you from achieving your goals. 

Learn about the journey of top real estate leaders and motivated brokers, and find your own spark as you enter the business with your head held high. 

Let’s hear from the industry’s budding brokers and top leaders on the importance of networking with other brokers, their take on the digital space, and how they overcame challenges:

Build Your Network to Build Better Properties for Filipinos 

Brokers must help other brokers, especially during trying times, and one way to get to know different industry personalities is by building your network. 

Rafael Siapco of RS Property Manila shared that one of his first buyers was a developer. From there, they built a good professional relationship, and Siapco was able to sell several properties to him.

  • “The perks of widening your networks and working with other brokers and collaborating is very rewarding,” he said. “When the broker is very trustworthy, then the customers will continue to come back.”

On the other hand, Armando Francisco advised starting brokers that finding a mentor in the real estate industry is vital. 

  • “Like in most other jobs, it’s good to have a mentor. So if you can find a broker who you think is successful, try to establish a relationship,” Francisco said. 

Henry Yap of Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) owes it to his mentors who believed in him. Aside from this, he is also grateful for their guidance. 

  • “I have never run an office building or country operations. I had to get their wisdom so that I can be guided as I navigate and run the operations of those companies,” he said.

Moving Forward in the Digital Space 

Out with the old and in with the new. There is no denying that digitalization has already taken the world by storm. The possibilities are endless online because you can shop for necessities, play games with friends, and view and purchase real estate properties with a simple click of a button. It is easier and more convenient, especially in the new normal.

  • “It’s like the air that we breathe right now because, again, if you’re not out there in the ocean – online, then you’re not going to be relevant. At this point, wherein everyone is online, and everyone is on their phones, tablets, or laptops, so you have to be there. You have to be seen […] It’s a necessity at this point given the new normal that we have,” Andrew Ventinura, Managing Director of IQI Caliver Real Estate Firm, said.

For Joemari A. Moriente, Wellton Riches’ Managing Director, the traditional way of marketing real estate amid the COVID-19 pandemic became hard; hence the company moved to the digital space. 

  • “My brand can reach [the] international market and be recognized globally. This will help make my business grow,” he shared. 

  • It’s a “no-brainer,” George Tejada II from MyCitiHomes Builders and Developers Inc. said. “The transactions are much faster, sales conversions are much higher […] Luckily, digital [marketing] is not that expensive compared to traditional since in our industry, when you get leads, it becomes a numbers game.”

Bounce Back Tenfold 

No successful person started with a breeze. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to get to where they are now. Along the way, they have learned from their experiences and shared words of wisdom with others.

Ryan Go, president of Grand Land, shared how he explored different business ventures before diving into the real estate industry. Go worked in various areas in his family’s shipping business 1994 to 2011 before dabbling in the real estate industry. 

  • “I went into a different business. It was not really that successful, but it helps you learn what to do next. So it’s probably how you look at things. Sometimes failure is one of your greatest teachers.” 

  • “[E]ven though we make a wrong decision, the important thing is to move on, correct it, and I think that’s what made Grand Land survive,” Go added. 

  • For Cary Lagdameo, Vice President of Damosa Land, Inc., failures are “easier said than done, but you just have to try again.” Mistakes must happen to get where you are now, he added. 

Networking nights are a great way to connect with other real estate professionals. This November 16, 2022, Lamudi will bring Lamudi Link to the Avida Showroom-Ayala Malls Glorietta. 

networking night for real estate brokers

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