A Flexible Unit at This Condo is Ideal for Your Adulting Journey

Adulting means independence. Now that you plan on moving out of your family home, do you need a particular space in your condo home for work, your hobbies, or your family’s needs? 

Instead of worrying if you can find a flexible condo home, ask yourself which condo unit type and cut in this new development in Mandaluyong you should choose.


AMA Tower Residences by AMA Land, Inc. offers a wide array of flexible, ready-for-occupancy condo units you can personalize based on your needs. Choose from studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, loft, and bi-level condo units for sale. 

Once you start your adult life at AMA Tower Residences, here are the ways to customize your unit according to your wants and needs:

Turn Your Balcony into an Outdoor Reading Nook and Garden

Create a delightfully serene home with AMA Tower Residences’ one-bedroom unit (Artist’s Perspective).

When you purchase a one-bedroom or loft unit with a balcony, your outdoor space can be more than just a spot to air-dry your clothes. Try investing in an egg swing, artificial grass, and wooden bookshelves to transform your 4.98 sqm balcony into the coziest reading nook.

If you are a plantita or plantito, you can also use this area as your outdoor garden to grow fruits and vegetables or flower plants. Retiring unit buyers can also take delight in having a garden where they can relieve stress while maintaining regular physical activity. 

On weekends, you can make the balcony area a sanctuary. Read a good book, smell the flowers, and sip your favorite wine or coffee while you admire the beautiful cityscape of the metro.

Transform the Extra Room into a Soundproof Room

Are you or your significant other a vlogger or a voice-over artist? Do you plan on buying an RFO two-bedroom condo unit in AMA Tower Residences? If your second bedroom won’t be utilized as a guest room, pantry, or storage room, use it to your advantage.

Transform it into a soundproof room to record or vlog. No need to rent a recording studio because you already have one in your home. Soundproofing is also ideal if you want to set up a noise-free home office.

Make Half of Your Loft a Studio and Art Gallery

Are you a family of artists? Or do you want your children to hone their skills in painting, drawing, or sculpting? You can transform a part of your home into a studio and art gallery.

If you invest in a loft unit in AMA Tower Residences, you will love the spacious loft area. It can fit a bed, cabinet, and an area where you can store and display art materials and artwork done by you and other family members. 

Turn Your Second Bedroom into a Collectibles Display Room

Find a spot for your most prized possessions in the two-bedroom unit of AMA Tower Residences (Actual Photo). 

Are you a collector of items such as action figures, coins, albums, paintings, or even luxury bags and shoes? If you want to store and showcase your collection, the extra room in your two-bedroom unit at AMA Tower Residences is the perfect place to display them.

You can have shelves and display cabinets installed in your extra room, so you can display your collectibles. Because of the room’s spaciousness, you can place a decent-sized sofa and coffee table inside your collection room to entertain guests when they come over. 

Use the Second-Floor Living Room for a Pet Sanctuary

Another thing to love about AMA Tower Residences by AMA Land, Inc. is the fact that it is pet-friendly. Bring your furry friend with you on your adulting journey at AMA Tower Residences. The bi-level unit in the development offers enough space to create a pet sanctuary for your furry companion.

The living room in this unit is located on the second floor. The area is spacious enough to designate a play area or sanctuary for your pet–a cat, dog, hedgehog, hamster, or even a bearded dragon!

A unit at AMA Tower Residences is easily customizable, and the suggestions above are just a few examples of what your home can have. All units are flexible and can provide valuable spaces to enjoy a high quality of life at the heart of Metro Manila. Of course, the pleasures of life do not end within your condo unit. It extends even to your whole condo community.

At AMA Tower Residences, you can enjoy convenient access to various amenities. These include kiddie and adult swimming pools, a gym, and landscaped gardens. Because of the condo’s proximity to central business districts and commercial areas, you can also have an unlimited connection to career opportunities and leisure activities.

Remember, you don’t need to adjust to your home. At AMA Tower Residences, you can find a unit that perfectly matches your needs and adulting journey.



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