Rentvesting: A New Way to Invest in Real Estate

The emergence of new trends in real estate is always good news to investors. Such trends uncover opportunities to enhance portfolio performance, providing a headstart to stay on top of the game.

Further, having a solid cash flow is crucial so you can carry on with business as usual, even during uncertain times. With rentvesting, the newest investment trend, this is possible. This strategy involves investing in rental-ready properties located in cities with booming rental markets.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes rentvesting the next big thing. 

What is Rentvesting?

Rentvesting is an intentional way of investing, encouraging you to acquire a property that’s meant for rental business. It’s highly accessible, secure, and surrounded by modern amenities and facilities.

Ultimately, rentvesting aims to keep your financial health in check. Your rental revenue year-round serves as your passive income and safety net. And if you stick with rentvesting for the long term, the rental rates you charge will likely increase over time.

In the Philippines, Anchor Land is one of the first developers to offer properties suitable for rentvesting. The property giant continuously changes the real estate investment landscape and provides more ways to be financially stable.

Pillars of a Sustainable Rentvestment

While it’s true that all investments involve an element of risk, a sustainable rentvestment can help minimize pitfalls. It delivers profits and improves cash flow through the following: 


Premium rentvestments are fully furnished upon turnover so there’s no need for upfront work. They’re excellent for staycations and long-term rentals, easing the process of settling in for tenants. 

In addition, rentvestment verticals are complemented by hotel-like amenities that make the property more profitable. These well-thought-out features attract discerning tenants and increase the likelihood of repeat stays. 

Copeton Baysuites by Anchor Land, for example, showcases world-class amenities, including a grand lobby, a reading lounge, and an outdoor pool complex. 

Amenities of premium rental properties provide an elevated experience for tenants.

Operational Efficiency

Premium rental-ready properties have elements that make business operations hassle-free. For instance, Anchor Land’s rentvestment properties have digital locksets that allow units to be locked and unlocked remotely. You can also authorize multiple people simultaneously and change the locks’ access mode to passcode or fingerprint. 

With a Smart Digital Lockset, rentvestors may provide tenants unit access without having to make physical contact.

Technology can help in managing your property effectively and remotely.

Anchor Land likewise provides unit owners access to an online property management system, making it easy to handle maintenance requests, review details of listed properties, and keep track of payments. Other smart features in Anchor Land developments include fiber optic technology for enhanced connectivity and key card access for optimum security.

Professionals in property management can back you up while you run your rental business.

Besides designing properties to be rental-ready, Anchor Land provides the necessary support to help you operate your business. The developer offers an end-to-end leasing service through its expert leasing arm, Anchor 100, so you can run rental operations in a frictionless way.

Income Sustainability 

Rentvestments are situated in locations with stable rental demand, giving you access to a pool of tenants. One example is Bay City in Parañaque, which is teeming with all kinds of activities. This area is particularly ideal if you want to attract local and foreign travelers as your tenants. 

The growth of tourism in Davao City also continues on an upward trend. This, along with the city’s pro-business legislation and procedures, make the area a great place to invest with guaranteed tenants.

Anchor Land’s rental-ready features can attract discerning tenants.

You can make a passive and stable income with a modern, well-located rentvestment.

While their strategic locations promise an increasing rent price trend and an expanding market to tap, the efficient operations in Anchor Land properties plus the quality of unit deliverables also lead to generating excellent ROI through rent. 

A Closer Look at Anchor Land Rentvestments 

Anchor Land rentvestments are vertical projects located in some of the most thriving cities in the country. Here’s a quick run-through of what the developer offers: 

Ideal for Alternative Accommodation

Copeton Baysuites by Anchor Land is located in Bay City, Parañaque, offering premium comfort through its accessible bayside location across City of Dreams Manila and modern-designed units. The good thing about Copeton Baysuites is that it can attract short-term renters, such as foreigners traveling to the country for leisure or work. With a unit at Copeton Baysuites, you can also take advantage of travel-related trends such as bleisure and workcations. 

A Future-Ready Rental Property 

Top real estate developer Anchor Land also categorizes 202 Peaklane as a rentvestment. This pre-selling condo in Davao City offers units with smart technology and innovative security features. Its strategic location, which is steps away from Ateneo de Davao, near lifestyle malls, and an international airport, guarantees access to potential renters like students and business and leisure travelers. 

With rentvestments from luxury real estate developer Anchor Land, you can explore a new and more convenient way of building your real estate portfolio.


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