Five Advantages of Coworking Spaces

Sharing an office space, also called coworking, is becoming the norm among young professionals nowadays

These days, with more people going into freelancing or attempting to start their own business, it is no surprise that the idea of the traditional office space has evolved to meet the demand of this ever-growing breed of professionals. For those who think working at home is not an ideal option, or that an office is too much at such an early stage in their business, sharing a workspace with various individuals—also known as coworking—is fast becoming a popular alternative, and for good reason.

1. It Creates a More Professional Atmosphere

Do you constantly need to meet clients and suppliers for your business? Can you imagine how much more professional you will appear to be if you can entertain them in an actual office instead of your living room? You might feel comfortable working at your kitchen counter, but when you are discussing figures with a client, doing so in an office setting (like what a coworking space provides) emphasizes that you are taking the job seriously.

2. It Lessens Distractions

If you are currently freelancing, chances are you are probably working at home, where the TV is a nearby distraction and your kids are constantly in need of attention. Or, you are buying a single latte and commandeering a table (and using the free Wi-Fi) at your favorite coffee shop as you get more and more uncomfortable that the baristas keep looking over as the hours pass. At a coworking space, you do not need to feel guilty about lounging around, and the only thing that will grab your attention is the work in front of you.

3. It Saves Money

When you start a company, you obviously will not have a lot of money for things like office space rental and overhead. If you only have a handful of people working for you, it would make more sense to occupy a coworking space for a relatively smaller amount and just allocate the rest of the money to moving your business along.

4. It Fosters Connections

At any time, a coworking space could be occupied by people from various industries and disciplines, which means if you hit a wall in your work, all you need to do is reach out and ask your neighbor for some input. Or you can extend help to the person sitting at the corner who seems to be having trouble. Right there, you are making a connection that can very well benefit the both of you professionally in the future.

5. It Motivates You

Some people might thrive while working alone, but do you ever feel like you lack the motivation to do your job when you are by yourself? In a coworking space, you will be surrounded by hardworking people who just might influence you to focus and do what you need to accomplish. All it might take is to see these people happily finishing their jobs for the day and you will find yourself wanting to be in the same boat too.

CoLab Shared Spaces The Ellis Megaworld Corporation
Artist’s rendition of CoLab Shared Spaces of The Ellis, Megaworld Corporation’s upcoming condo project in Salcedo Village, Makati CBD. Photo courtesy of Megaworld Corp.

As a brand that prides itself in understanding how the mind of the young professional works, leading real estate developer Megaworld Corporation realizes the need for a space where freelancers and young Filipino entrepreneurs can practice their craft in a professional atmosphere without feeling stifled. Hence, their latest Makati residential creation, The Ellis, which is a condo for the young professional that dares to be different, shied away from traditional condo living by creating CoLab Shared Spaces.

CoLab Shared Spaces The Ellis Megaworld Corporation

CoLab Shared Spaces The Ellis Megaworld Corporation

CoLab Shared Spaces The Ellis Megaworld Corporation
The Ellis’ CoLab Shared Spaces lets young professionals work quietly in a relaxed atmosphere of a unique office. Artist’s rendition courtesy of Megaworld Corp.

the-ellis-colab-shared-spaces-7CoLab Shared Spaces The Ellis Megaworld CorporationCoLab Shared Spaces The Ellis Megaworld CorporationDesigned as a working space that defies convention, CoLab Shared Spaces lets young professionals work quietly on their laptops while enjoying the polished but relaxed atmosphere of a unique office. Spacious enough for conducting small meetings, it is also the ideal place for interacting with like-minded individuals who see the value of creative thinking and collaboration. And with The Ellis rising in a prime location, specially along L. P. Leviste Street in Salcedo Village, Makati CBD, CoLab keeps yuppies close to the necessary tools for their professional and personal success.

For more information on The Ellis, contact +63917 8876223, email, or visit and

This article was sponsored by Megaworld Corporation.

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