What to Know When Buying a Container House in the Philippines

Due to their structural design, mobile homes, also known as trailer homes or container homes, have become a favorite option. A container house is ideal for property seekers who prioritize practicality and functionality. Mobile homes are a type of semi-permanent residence that is moveable. These are manufactured and delivered pre-finished using sturdy building materials like clay concrete, treated wood, and mortared masonry. Vertical wood helps support the walls of a container house Philippines and keeps them sturdy. Prefinished aluminum sliding makes the outer walls of a mobile home while drywall makes up for the inner wall. Insulation between walls help control the temperature within the mobile house.

Plywood, smoothed out with vinyl, usually composes a mobile home’s flooring. To avoid condensation, a container house utilizes a vapor barrier and energy-efficient insulation. In addition, a mobile home is built within a vehicle or on a steel chassis to support its foundation and make movement easier. Since a container house has less space, it utilizes space-saving storage and furniture.

Types of Container Houses

Mobile homes come in various sizes, making them ideal for those who want a cheap vacation home. These are also perfect for personal or business use. Before buying your own mobile home, it is important to know its variations to choose the mobile home that fits you and your loved ones and provides your necessities. The different types of mobile homes are:

  • Single-wide – Single-wides are manufactured mobile homes with one free-standing unit, similar to a single-detached home.
  • Double-wide – Double-wides are larger prefabricated homes made from two united units, making them ideal for anyone needing more office space or extra room. 
  • Triple-wide – Triple-wides are big prefabricated homes with several house units that are joined together. They are perfect for large families and gatherings of friends.

People who wish to travel can attach mobile homes directly to a truck or situated in a semi-permanent location and moved by a truck through the steel chassis. This style eventually became known as container homes Philippines. 

Where Can I Find a Container House in the Philippines?

You can find a container house Philippines in a trailer or recreational vehicle (RV) park in tourist spots. Some campgrounds in Aurora, Rizal, Palawan, and Bohol also feature mobile houses as alternatives for tents. 

Some of the best container homes in the Philippines are in Palawan, on the beaches and campsites of El Nido like Dryft Darocotan Island, Nacpan Beach Glamping, Isla Expeditions, and Eda Beach Camp Site. These sites offer a distinctive seaside vacation experience in one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the Philippines. Aside from El Nido, there are also campgrounds with container houses in Puerto Princesa.

Lifespan and Maintenance of a Container House

Container homes in the Philippines can last 30 to 50 years. The maintenance of container homes requires regular cleaning, spotting damages, recoating and resealing, and avoiding excessive moisture. In addition, owners should also regularly clean air filters. With proper care, a container home in the Philippines can last long despite the country’s harsh weather conditions. 


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