On the House is a series of casual interviews with Philippine real estate leaders about the stories behind their personas. Lamudi’s very own CEO, Bhavna Suresh hosts the dialogues over a drink or two.

Today’s guest is Beth Ventura, President of Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. Beth is a go-getter who is determined to achieve any goal she sets for herself. While leading a team of professionals, she also plays the role of a nurturing mother to her daughter.

Beth Ventura is the very picture of a modern woman. As the president of Anchor Land Holdings Inc. and a devoted mother, she is simultaneously at the helm of a successful real estate undertaking and diligently raising a 5-year-old daughter.

During her interview with Lamudi’s very own CEO, Bhavna Suresh, she gives us a glimpse into who she is outside of the office and how she strikes a balance between being a career woman and a mom. 

She confesses that she takes an almost aggressively determined approach when it comes to reaching her goals. Hailing from a family of “go-getters,” she claims that she knew no other way of getting the job done. She shares three things that were her guiding principles in the path to success.

Pacing is Key [0:43]

Beth is a planner. She likes to tackle problems and challenges with a clear idea of what she can do and how she should act. For her, setting goals is a life skill. Whether it is something as simple as your daily to-do list or your vision for the next five years, she claims that setting goals is akin to having signposts for your life.

As a woman in business who still wanted to raise a family, she had to prioritize between those two demanding objectives. She decided that she would only raise a child once she has stabilized her career, thereby making sure that she can consistently support her family. 

This proves that she does not view these aims as competing or mutually exclusive. She found a way for one goal to enable another. It is therefore imperative to favor long-term goals over short-term ones. This mindset ensures that one sees how one goal can lead to the fulfillment of another.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short [4:46]

She is also a big believer in investing in oneself. When she was starting out in real estate and persuasion was the name of the game, she aimed to package herself as elegantly as the product that she was trying to sell. For her, that meant investing in stylish clothes, as well as high-quality make-up. This worked both ways: she made sure that she was always presentable, while also nurturing her interest in passion.

She claims that it is important for people to know where their interests and their needs for a successful career converge. It is through this that you can make investments that are both functional and enjoyable. In her case, her interest in fashion just happens to agree with sales’ requirement for aesthetic elegance. 

On the other hand, she also believes in the importance and power of exploration. Growing up, her grandfather owned a hotel so her family mostly expected her to continue his legacy. That is why she pursued a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Seeing that real estate presented opportunities, however, she was not afraid to take a chance and see where it leads her. 

She encourages people to ask themselves what inspires them and what drives them. This way, they can better learn about themselves and discover new skills and interests along the way.

Opportunity is a Right [11:09]

Over the years, she has clearly had to deal with a lot of obstacles. She has had to overcome prejudices about her gender and transcend her family’s expectations. She pushed through convention and stayed true to her goals. 

She says that one of the things that she dearly wishes for her daughter to learn is that she lives in a time when opportunity is increasingly being seen as a right. A person’s gender should not be a barrier to opportunity and achievement. 

While people who disagree still remain, she insists that it would not do to forget that times are changing. More often than not, society has to respect the changes that are emerging in spite of its norms. It is extremely important that one finds the courage to go with that change.

Beth is clearly strong-willed and relentless in her pursuits. She must be if she has managed to not only survive, but also thrive in one of the fastest-growing yet increasingly fickle industries in the country. She is also an inspiration to women everywhere who are striving to find that delicate balance between career and family.

Committed to delivering the needs of its niche market in Chinatown, Manila, Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. changed the landscape of the city with its multi-storey developments. The real estate developer has also ventured into the Bay Area with luxury residential condominiums and entertainment and shopping centers.

Visit Anchor Land Holdings, Inc.’s official developer page to know more about the company. 


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