Banwa Private Island Travel Guide

Lush landscape. Pristine blue waters. White sand beaches. Twelve garden rooms and six beachfront villas, each with a jacuzzi, infinity pool, and butler service. A residential, 360-degree suite with floor-to-ceiling windows, a private infinity pool, and a jacuzzi deck. All of these great features and amenities are located in the six-hectare Banwa Private Island! This place can also be yours for only $100,000 per night or roughly PhP 5.53 million per night when it opened in 2019.

Banwa Island on the world-class island of Palawan was initially the most expensive resort in the world. However, when it reopened in May 2021 after its pandemic-related closure in 2020, Banwa Private Island’s new nightly rate was now $45,000 or roughly PhP 2.49 million. This private island resort allows 36 guests and a minimum stay of three days.

Although the private island offers exclusive charters, guests can now book individual villas on the island starting at $2,500 or PhP 138,375 for two per night, with a three-night minimum stay.

Going to Banwa Private Island

The island is 1.5 hours away from Manila via a private jet and a helicopter transfer. Direct helicopter and seaplane transfers from Manila to this are also available. If you’re coming from Hong Kong, it will take you only three hours via private jet and helicopter transfer to go here. 

Aside from private aviation options, you can also take commercial flights from Manila to Banwa. You can book a commercial flight from Manila to San Vicente or Puerto Princesa. 

If you touch down in San Vicente, you can take a 45-minute ride in a premium SUV and go on another 40-minute scenic boat ride to the island. On the other hand, if you land on Puerto Princesa or El Nido, head to Roxas Pier or Tumarbong beach, which will take around a 2.5-hour ride in a premium SUV and another 40-minute scenic boat ride to the island. 

Banwa Private Island partnered with Ascent Flights Global to introduce private air travel for their guests. 

What’s the Weather Like in Banwa Private Island

The high season months in the island run from December through May, which are the dry months of the year. On the other hand, the low season is from June to November, where rainfall peaks in June. During this season, the island’s temperature remains relaxing and rarely dips 30 degrees. But for guests who have stayed here before, any time is the best time to stay and enjoy the beauty of Banwa.

Banwa Private Island has its micro-climate. The administration invested in an on-island weather station to record and document the island’s monthly weather for their guests’ safety and preserve this paradise.

Activities You Can Do in Banwa Private Island

Many activities are waiting for you once you book your vacation at Banwa Private Island in Palawan.

The first thing you can do is to explore the island and meet some of its fauna, including Hawksbill sea turtles and Tabon birds. If you want to learn more, you can even consult with the on-site wildlife expert at Banwa.

However, the exploration does not stop there! During your stay, you can also take a side trip to some of the nearby tourist attractions in Palawan, including the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, the mangrove-lined shores of Barbacan River, and the reefs of Araceli. 

If adventure is your way of having fun, the island offers activities such as boating, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. If you are up for a diving exploration adventure, you can request a visit to the Tubbataha Reef. You can also ride their Wajer 38 to visit the other remote islands in Palawan or spend one to two nights onboard the Lagoon 630 Catamaran yacht.

On the island, you can also play sports at the tennis court and short golf course on the private island. If these adventurous activities are too much for you, you can do yoga on the island or get a spa treatment at the island’s on-site spa. You can also swim in the pristine, calm waters of the island or go for a lap on the villa’s infinity pool. 

The Feast Banwa Private Island Offers

You do not need to worry about food when you stay at Banwa Private Island! The island has an entire staff of chefs who will cook you fresh food from the island’s organic farm. In addition, the seafood is freshly caught from the surrounding Sulu Sea. This private resort also makes honey you can enjoy. 

If you are up for a drink, you can explore their wine list and spot premium wines you might be craving. Take note that all the activities and dining are included in the nightly rate you pay. However, some of the premium wines on their list are the few exceptions. 

A Sense of Privacy

You are paying for the luxurious amenities, activities, food, services, and experiences when you book at Banwa Private Island. However, another thing you are paying for is privacy. This paradise is all yours when you stay here, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy without minding other people. 

Banwa Private Island allows you to get the love and attention you deserve to give to yourself and your loved ones. Staying here will let you de-stress and forget about the hustle and bustle of metro living, work, and other personal issues. 

Without a doubt, the private island’s personalized services and world-class hospitality will make you want to go back here. In fact, it only proves why Palawan is one of the world’s best islands


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