Francine Diaz Goes Furniture Shopping: 7 Gen Z-Approved IKEA Bedroom Ideas

Francine Diaz’s Kadenang Ginto TV series project in 2018 has “unshackled” her and her family from the bonds of poverty. Now that she’s 18, Francine purchased a home for her family and furnished it with newly bought pieces, upcycled furniture, and gifted pieces.

As an adult, Francine is now entitled to make decisions for herself, including the interiors of her bedroom she generously shares with her younger sisters. In Karen Davila’s vlog last April 23, 2022, the duo went shopping for furniture pieces for her bedroom at IKEA Pasay.

In deciding which furniture pieces and other items should go to her and her sisters’ bedroom,Francine chooses based on what she and her two younger sisters need and want that can last a lifetime for practicality. Her choice in furniture reflects not only her humble and practical lifestyle but also the mindset of a true Gen Z.

Gen Zs are born between the mid to late 1990s and the early 2010s, also known as the digital age. For them, since they see how money can quickly disappear due to the decline of the economy, being resourceful and hardworking is essential to maintain a steady job that can help support their needs. Gen Zs are also realistic. They know that saving for the future is important, so practicality is needed when it comes to making big and small life decisions.

With this in mind, here are seven Gen Z-approved bedroom ideas you can also live by if you ever plan to furnish your private space at home:

Go for Basic but Customizable Pieces

Simple but customizable pieces are like working on a blank sheet. It allows you to transform the piece based on your needs or personality, especially if you share rooms with roommates. Being able to design your bed, for example, how you would want it to reflect yourself, is also a means to show ownership of that item. As you mature, your personality may also change. If you choose customizable pieces, you can easily redecorate them to reflect your new preferences.

The Minimal, The Better

Sample layout for Francine Diaz's bedroom makeover
Screengrabbed from Karen Davila’s Youtube Channel

Whether working with limited space or not, choosing minimal and less bulky items will help you have more room to move around. This contributes to a clutter-free space and a stress-free sight once you enter your bedroom. Francine’s choice of a double deck design for her sisters reflects this minimalist take. Since young people are working and studying at home, having big and bold pieces of furniture can feel suffocating. Hence, it is always best for minimalist items that reflect your chosen aesthetic.

Opt For Shareable Furniture Pieces

Going minimal does not mean opting for small items. If you are sharing a room with another or if you work and study in your room, big or shareable minimal furniture is ideal. Francine chose a long table that serves as her sisters’ study table and is perfect for their living arrangement. It won’t feel too stuffy or cramped even if you share the furniture.

Furniture with Storage and Organizers are Your Friends

For a clutter-free and organized space, investing in furniture with storage and organizers is best. The study table Francine chose for her sisters has a multi-level drawer where they can keep their books. Her chosen adjustable single-type bed frame is also ideal because of the items she could keep in its two drawers. When choosing storage furniture, it is also important to try to match it with at least the bed for a more cohesive look. 

Choose Reasonably Priced Items

Price of the mattress Diaz bought in IKEA
Screengrabbed from Karen Davila’s Youtube Channel

Gen Zs are conscious buyers and aren’t only after the most affordable item in store. Instead, they are after sustainability. Items that are reasonably priced but can benefit them for a long time are suitable investments for this generation. This is seen in Francine’s choice of mattress. The mattress of her choice is PhP 5,990, which is affordable compared to other mainstream mattress options available on the market. And yet, the feel of the mattress suits her liking. She also assured it would give her the comfortable sleep she deserves after a long day at work.

Adding Minimal and Functional Accent Pieces Will Go a Long Way

As a practical and straightforward girl, Francine was hesitant to include accent designs in her bedroom, including lamps and carpets. But as someone willing to listen to mature advice, she chose minimal and functional accent pieces for her and her sisters’ room. She chose simple yet sleek lamps for the study table that her sisters could use even at night. A touch of nature, such as the simple basket lamp placed on her bedside table and the thin accent rug, adds luxurious touches to the space without trying too much.

Invest in Long-Lasting Pieces

To make sure that she gets her money’s worth, Francine shopped at IKEA, a known furniture brand worldwide, and chose items that are sturdy and future-proof. That way, she can use these for a long time and redesign them as often as she wants. As a rising artist, blessings are sure to come her way. Should she and her family move to a bigger house, she can still use these timeless pieces in the future. In addition, she can also upcycle them if needed.

Francine’s Gen Z-approved bedroom ideas show that practicality, sustainability, and style harmoniously go hand-in-hand. When done right, these ideas will allow you to achieve not only a beautifully designed bedroom but also a relaxing one where you can do the things you want and get the best sleep and relaxation you deserve. Feel free to get inspiration from these seven ideas when working on your bedroom interior design.

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