Affordability and Convenience: The Benefits of Condo Living

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Vertical living has grown to be a popular housing arrangement for many Filipinos. For single professionals, newlyweds, and young parents, condos are a viable choice when buying their first home. The majority of these property seekers go after two things that condos are popular for: affordability and convenience.

In BDO’s foreclosed condos, these two home buying priorities come together. It’s no wonder they’re selling like pancakes in the real estate market.

Value for Money

Compared to a single-attached home, condos are considerably less costly. This is true even for buildings located in prime locations in the city, such as Makati, Taguig, and Pasig. You can find units under five million pesos, in fact. This is because condos are more compact, and you’re not paying for land, as opposed to houses. Aside from the selling price, property taxes are more likely to be lower.

The financial benefits don’t stop at the purchase of the condo per se. Once you buy the unit, you’ll be able to experience perks in many aspects when you move in. 

  • Maintenance. With a smaller space than a typical house, a condo will help you save more on cleaning and the upkeep of your home. You enjoy various amenities as well, including swimming pools, gyms, and spas, without worrying about maintenance. Check this foreclosed condo unit in Quezon City to see which amenities are available for you.
  • Utility. Similar to maintenance, you get to enjoy lower utility bills when you’re in a condo because it’s a compact space. You don’t spend too much on cooling areas that aren’t used frequently.
  • Location. Condos are strategically located in good neighborhoods. They’re sometimes in the middle of the central business district (CBD) or within the fringes of the city. This means less cost on transportation. You can, in fact, enjoy “free” transport when your office is just on the first floor of your condo tower or at the end of your street. Just take a look at this foreclosed condo unit located at Brgy. Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.
  • Furniture. This takes a huge chunk of the move-in budget, but the good thing about condos is you don’t have to buy a lot to fill the entire space. With only a few items, your condo will instantly feel like home.

The financial benefits multiply when you’re getting a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) unit. For one, you can get great discounts. Some brokers and banks offer these deals, especially when it’s a rush sale, say, a foreclosed condo. Secondly, there are more flexible payment options in RFO. In most instances, you can secure the rent-to-own option. It’s an ideal financial set-up for single professionals and young couples.

Hassle-Free Living

In condo living, convenience is the primary currency. As mentioned, most towers are located in prime spots, which is why you’re able to access schools, workplaces, and other key establishments with ease. In fact, you may be able to do grocery errands or get your morning coffee every day without going outside the complex because these establishments are right inside it. It only takes a few minutes of walking or driving to get to your destinations. This means you’re not only saving money but you’re also avoiding the traffic jams in the metro.

This hassle-free living extends even to these aspects:

  • Security. Condo complexes are gated communities, that’s a given. Beyond this, they typically have guards patrolling the shared areas and each floor. The facilities are equipped with CCTVs. Units sometimes come with video intercom systems. Before visitors can go to units, they should be able to log in at the reception area. You will never have to worry about your locks being secure because the neighborhood itself is safe. This also means you can leave your unit and enjoy your vacation with peace of mind and no worries. Pay this foreclosed condo a visit to see just how secure the community is.
  • Lifestyle hobbies. The amenities in condos are designed to suit modern lifestyle needs. For instance, those who live an active lifestyle can easily drop in at a condo’s fitness center, swimming pool, and jogging paths. If you’re into the zen, relaxing way of life, there are condos that have meditation gardens, which are sometimes placed in roof decks. For new parents, they can let their kids enjoy playgrounds and meet fellow playmates.

Vertical living is a no-brainer when it comes to residential options. It provides great value for money. It supports hassle-free living. Put simply, it’s affordable and convenient. Consider making a condo your first home sweet home.


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