8 Sure-fire Tips for Affordable Trips

Saving up and allotting funds sometimes isn’t enough, additional techniques will be needed so you can breeze through the nitty-gritty of traveling with a certain budget.

Let’s face it, with all the looming problems brought about by different socio-economic and socio-political turmoil, it seems impossible to have yourself wandering to places you have always dreamed of going to. However, there are always windows (and doors) of opportunities that can surely make these dreams come to life.

If you now feel overwhelmed thinking about all the possibilities, it would add up when you think about how much you must earn and save up just to spur your adventure. However, this situation had already been setbacks to many others before, but many have still been able to get through it by managing expectations – looking for cheap and even free finds, charging to experience more than to expenses, and being open to more opportunities and circumstances.

Here’s a list of tips on how you can get away from spending in your getaway.

Plan Way Ahead

As cliché as it may sound, planning ahead can let you go places, literally and figuratively. More often than not, deals are better when you book early, may it be for fares, accommodations, and even tours. You can even take the opportunity to plan with a relative or a friend living in the place where you want to go to make it not only affordable but also meaningful. There will be surprises along the way that may be inevitable but chances will be minimized when you learn to just pay attention to all the details while planning.

Searching Online and Going Incognito

It’s best when you know a lot about how online searches affect your data analytics. Case in point, there are times when online deals are able to track your search and promo history — making it easier for them to offer not the best deals but deals that take advantage of your capacity. Going incognito or searching through private mode can make a difference when you want to look for the freshest and cheapest deals out there.

Check the Power of Your Passport

Visa fees, most of the time, come as the primary expenditure for a trip. Looking for alternative places without the need for a visa can save you the fees and delays (especially when chances that you can be denied are lingering), and can let you explore places that offer the same level of experience and satisfaction, sometimes with less crowd and without hurting your pockets.

Take It Slow: Quality Over Quantity

When being overwhelmed gets in the way of traveling, chances are you either try to overcompensate by going to all the places available or you are just able to visit a single place. Try to always find the fine balancetake time to appreciate and absorb the quirks and nuances of the place. This way, you won’t regret paying for entrance and transportation fees because you traveled longer than you stayed in a place, or you aim to visit as many places as you can in just a short amount of time.

Try Flanerie

This concept has European origins but when it comes to the act itself, it may be one of those universal notions that people can easily relate tothe act or habit of aimlessly strolling or lounging. Relevant to taking it slow, you can find out so much about a place when you try to walk around and just take it all in. Aside from this being a relaxing exercise, especially when you discover open spaces, you can also lessen transportation costs and even tour costs when you find free walking tours, or even get along with some locals and let them introduce you to the place.

Travel Light

It pays to travel with less baggage as this can make you more amenable to various accommodations fit for your trip’s budget. Just bring the essentials. If you are looking to travel via air and will really have to take some stuff with you, always take a look at deals with AirAsia. Not only do they offer the cheapest fares, but they also let you have more savings, even for baggages, through their add-on bundles.

Make Your Own Food

It can be a little tedious but it pays to prepare your own food during trips. It won’t hurt to have a couple of meals in the comforts of your place, as it can really be expensive in some places to keep on dining in restaurants. Affordable finds in groceries and supermarkets are made available for everybody so it would be better to grab the chance to visit and look at all the options.

Know and Go Local

Most of the time, there are huge differences in prices when you are a tourist compared to locals frequenting tourist destinations. Researching all the nuances, practices, and even approaches can surely make a difference when it comes to having all those sweet deals. Take some time to know people, ask the right questions, or tag along and observe interactions. This will eventually lead you to awesome spots that online research alone won’t be able to show you.

Traveling is something that should be experienced by everybody. It gives you a different feeling of liberation and a sense of belongingness. Just when you think people are so different, it is through these differences, and the discovery thereof, that you can discover how similar everybody is. It makes you realize how vast and glorious the world is.


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