Passports Out! The 2020 Long Weekend Calendar Is Finally Here

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2019 is almost over and if you’re like most Filipinos, you’re already thinking of travel plans for next year. With all the seat sales and long weekends coming up, you’ll want to use your vacation leaves wisely.

Everyone longs for a fulfilling vacation after all the stress and effort you put in to accomplish your daily tasks at work. Taking a break and spending some time off allows you to be more productive and helps you achieve a healthy work-life balance. Make the most of your leaves by checking the 2020 long weekend calendar when planning for a vacation and following these tips: 

Utilize your weekends

Weekend escapades are one way to recharge and re-energize as you will be getting out of your comfort zone or away from your daily routine. For a relaxing holiday, maximize your vacation leaves to utilize weekends on top of the days you want to take time off. If you plan for a week-long vacation, you’ll file for a five-day leave from your job, but you’ll get nine consecutive days of time off including the weekends. 

Plan long weekend vacation leaves near holidays

Filipino-owned companies normally observe Philippine holidays such as Holy Week, Christmas and New Year. There are also other holidays that can be considered when planning for a vacation on a long weekend in 2020

Maximize the time for your vacation leaves through wise scheduling during the holidays. This will eventually help you spend more time with family and friends while having the time of your life. 

For instance, in the 2020 long weekend calendar, you can file a leave on December 28 and 29 to take advantage of the holidays on December 24, 2020, (Christmas Eve) to January 1, 2021 (New Year). This gives you 11 days to enjoy the holidays!

The same goes for Holy Week, which is from April 9 to 11, 2020. April, May, June, and July all have long weekends this 2020, giving you plenty of options for a quick getaway every month.

August 21, a regular holiday, conveniently falls on a Friday, which means you have a long weekend to make plans–without needing to file for leave at all! Now, if you file for leave from August 24-28, the week-long leave gives you 11 days off. 

Vacation in between business trips

If your job requires you to go to certain places for meetings, business deals, or conferences, it would be a lot better if you can have a few more days for a vacation before or after your business trip.  It is also ideal if your business trip is scheduled within the 2020 holidays in the Philippines. Through this, you can explore other places near the location of your business trip. 

You may also plan your business trip for the start or end of the week so that you can allot your weekends checking fantastic views or tourist spots. With some research, you may discover something interesting or exciting in the area. Through careful communication and planning with your employer or supervisor, you can come up with something to do apart from your business trip.

Plan for your flights

When you are traveling somewhere far from home, red-eye flights can be considered as your best buddies. It is quite tiring to fly during the weekend or during the first day of your leave. With a red-eye flight, you can go on your last day of work, before your official leave starts. You will arrive at your desired location during your first full day off.

Be aware of any possibility for jet lag, holidays or busy airport days when you are planning your travel strategies. The most effective way to deal with jet lag is to spend time under the sun to aid you in resetting or adjusting your circadian rhythm. Smart flight strategies will help you maximize your vacation leaves and save more money.

Find great deals online

You can find numerous opportunities for budget-friendly tours within the Philippines or outside the country. Whether you are saving on experiences, accommodations, or flights, one way is to register for travel email blasts, which contain plenty of ideas and deals that you can check when planning your vacation.


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