Welcome to the New Normal: 4 Reasons Buildings Need to Innovate Now

Over the past months, you’ve seen a slew of sweeping changes in buildings, whether it be condos or offices. Even in amenities often overlooked, there was something new. Over night, hourly disinfection of escalators has been the new norm. In elevators, social distancing reminders filled the floors. 

The current health emergency has ushered in a period of rapid shifts in the way people manage and maintain properties, especially in the aspect of health and sanitation. But the thing is, it must not stop with thermometer guns or distancing visual cues.

Seize this opportunity to introduce smart innovations to your buildings beyond responding to the current crisis. Here’s why:

Crises May Happen Again

Experts have repeatedly said that the possibility of another pandemic happening in the future isn’t far-fetched. Rolling out innovations now, you can make your properties future-proof, a safe place in the next months or years. 

One building feature that’s gradually gaining traction today is elevator purifiers. During Lamudi’s latest roundtable, KONE, the innovative provider of elevator and escalator solutions, conducted a poll about the most relevant health and safety measures in building transportation systems. About 34.9 percent of the webinar participants think that air purifiers are important. 

This complements the findings from their previous poll where 28 percent said that air quality is a major concern in condo and office buildings. Interestingly, eight percent likewise believed that space, given all the distancing guidelines at hand, is an issue in common areas in the property.

An enclosed, small space, elevators indeed require an air-cleaning system to reduce health risks among passengers even beyond the current pandemic. Given that property occupants pay a lot of attention to the quality of air in their surroundings, it’s worth investing in innovative solutions, such as KONE’s elevator air purifiers. 

These innovations use a technology called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) developed by NASA. This is the same system that gets rid of contaminants from spacecraft cabins. With all the news about viruses being airborne, this innovation in buildings is indeed a must-have for future-proofing.

Confidence on Safety Gets Restored

Although a large part of participants in KONE’s survey said they are confident with the sanitation and hygiene practices in their office or residential building, interestingly, 13 percent of respondents are not confident. That number includes property buyers. In the previous poll the company conducted, 64 percent said that sanitation is a major concern in their residential and office building.

If you want to build trust with the residents and tenants, you should exhaust all efforts to give them a sense of security, especially in the time of health emergencies. Smart innovations can give you (and building occupants) the confidence that you’re in a safe place amid a raging crisis.

What’s good about KONE’s solutions is that they ensure not only health and safety, but also the smooth operations of elevators and escalators. The company’s 24/7 Connected Services uses intelligent predictive maintenance, which can help you respond to equipment issues early on before they become big issues that cause troubling inconvenience to building occupants. In crises, you can rest assured that you will have fewer breakdowns on building transportation.

Customers Demand It

The pandemic has compelled property managers to take their health and safety measures to the next level to protect building occupiers. Because of this, people are now more aware of what they deserve in terms of safety in their living or work environments. Your clients wouldn’t settle for less than what you have now. There’s no turning back from the current hygiene protocols in your building. In fact, occupiers would expect more from you. Responding to their demands, your only path forward is innovation.

Aside from elevators that circulate clean air and rarely break down, you can provide better service to your customers with KONE’s innovative escalator handrail sanitizers. Using ultraviolet light, the handrail disinfects itself, making it a germ-free safety device for your building occupants. Wouldn’t a self-cleaning escalator be an impressive building feature for end-users? 

Based on KONE’s survey, 14 percent believe that hand sanitizer dispensers are important health and safety measures in people flow systems. 

Competitors Are On It

All the other industry players are looking for new ways to do things and serve clients better. You must innovate yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind in the game. If you think that self-cleaning escalators and intelligent elevators are the peak of innovation, wait until you learn more about elevators you can call from your mobile phone.

Through KONE’s Elevator Call, there’s no need to touch possibly-germ-filled buttons anymore. There’s less possibility of virus transmission in surfaces. In the poll KONE conducted, touchless access ranks first in the list of most important health and safety measures in vertical transportation systems.

The pandemic threw the real estate industry in a flurry of changes, especially the property management sector. While it was overwhelming, it also ushered in an opportunity to explore innovations that make better buildings. Don’t settle for the typical. Instead, find better ways to serve clients.

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