Where Is the Ideal Location for Your Business?

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As one of the most important factors that spell a business’ success, an office’s location should be carefully chosen and not overlooked

One of the first things a business owner would do for his new business is to scout for a location where he should set up his headquarters. A business’ location can dictate its reputation, which is why finding the right spot is crucial for the owner. In fact, Harry George Selfridge, an American retail magnate and founder of a London-based department store, had even emphasized that the three most important factors to ensure a successful business are “location, location, location.”

1. It Is Closest to Your Customers

Your business must be where most, if not all, of your clients are based. You have to give them the convenience of accessibility to easily purchase your service or product so that you will always be their first choice. The hassle of traveling far just for one product or service does not appeal to most people, especially if they can find a closer alternative.

2. It Is Closest to Your Talents

Your talents, or your employees, are just as important as the clients of your business. Because they are the engine of your business, your potential employees must always be on time and ready for a client. Having a complete workforce will guarantee your clients’ promised output. Therefore, your location must be near residences, or at least, easily accessible from their homes.

3. It Is Near Transport and Public Infrastructure

For your business to be easily accessed by your clients and employees, it must be located where transport infrastructure is nearby. Choose a location where it will be close to transportation hubs, stations, bridges, and shopping districts. It is beneficial if your business location is covered by Internet and telecommunication providers, especially in this day and age when most of transactions are done online.

4. It Fits Your Budget

Choose a location that is not only close to (almost) everything you need, but is also cost-effective. Perhaps you can opt for a shared office in the meantime. There are now virtual spaces being offered in Makati, Taguig, Quezon City, and even Cebu that are great for startup companies. Office space providers like Regus provide corporate spaces already equipped with ready-to-use office machines and supplies; Internet, phone, electricity lines; and on-hand staff to help you jumpstart your business.

5. It Is Expandable

It is better if you find a location that can accommodate your business once it grows. Eventually, you will have to add manpower, equipment, and supplies, so you will need a place that will fit these additions. It is best to stay where you originally put up your business as to avoid confusion with your clients, suppliers, and potential customers who have heard of your services or products from others.

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