What You Need to Remember When Buying a Beachfront Property

Owning a beach property comes with challenges. Understand what these are to know how to choose the right vacation home

For beach bums with money to spare, having a house close to the white sandy shores of Boracay or the pristine blue waters of Palawan are a given. It is nice to have your very own place to stay in when you decide on a last-minute getaway, especially if you frequent a particular beach side destination. Keeping in mind that hotels and B&Bs in your favorite destination are costly, a vacation home will save you money in the long run.

A beach home is also a great investment as a rental property if you do not plan on moving to the beach permanently. According to the Department of Tourism, foreign visitors in the Philippines reached 2.07 million from January to April of this year, an increase of 15 percent from 1.8 million visitors in the same period in 2015. This presents a lot of opportunity for your vacation home to earn additional income, especially during peak holiday months.

But whether as a vacation home or a potential Airbnb listing, purchasing a beachfront property is not that simple. Just as you have a lot of things to consider when buying a landlocked home, a few factors do come into play when picking the right vacation property. Aside from factors like value appreciation and price, there are additional elements that need to be taken into account due to the unconventional nature of a beachfront home.


How close to the beach is the property you are considering to buy? There are those who want to stay in a property a few meters away from the shore so they can dive in as soon as the sun rises. Then again, there are those who prefer a home that’s a bit further to avoid the potential all-night parties that might keep them awake at night. And then there’s the option of building a property on a secluded area of the beach so people who stay there will feel like they own the island. What matters is that you know what kind of beach lifestyle you prefer.

Tourism Arrivals

It would be wise to choose a property in a popular destination for a better return on investment. Places like Boracay, Davao, and Palawan are definite tourist magnets, but considering that many local travelers like to get away on weekends on short notice, nearby destinations like Batangas and Samal Island in Davao are just as ideal as a beach house location.

Landco is a pioneer in luxury developments in the Philippines, having created world-class leisure communities, condominiums, and home communities for over 25 years. Through the “Playa” developments, Landco is redefining seaside living by providing first-rate homes located near the shores of the top beach destinations in the Philippines.

In Batangas, Landco’s Playa Laiya is a 128-hectare master-planned leisure-tourism-residential estate located in the town of San Juan. Aside from its seaside location, highlighting its staycation vibe are amenities like an exclusive beach clubhouse and beach park. Also in the province is the 78-hectare master-planned seaside residential community Playa Calatagan Village. While it boasts a 525-meter stretch of white sand, Playa Calatagan offers more than just unspoiled beaches; it also has other amenities like a beach clubhouse, a bamboo park, and an amphitheater.

Buying Beachfront Property in the Philippines Playa Laiya
Playa Laiya pool area. Photo courtesy of Landco Pacific Corp.

Buying Beachfront Property in the Philippines Playa Calatagan
Swimming pool at Playa Calatagan. Photo courtesy of Landco Pacific Corp.

Further down south is Playa Azalea in the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. The 44-hectare master-planned community is not just near the famous white sandy beaches of Samal; it also offers other features that offer resort-inspired living, such as the Aqua Park, the Hill Top Clubhouse, the view deck, a picnic area, and a commercial/hotel complex.

Buying Beachfront Property in the Philippines Playa Azalea
White-sand beach of Playa Azalea. Photo courtesy of Landco Pacific Corp.

This article was sponsored by Landco Pacific Corp.

Playa Laiya, Playa Calatagan, and Playa Azalea are major projects of Landco Pacific Corp., a real estate developer specializing in leisure communities, resort-inspired condominiums, and luxury home communities. For over 25 years, the company has consistently pioneered innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionize the way people live.

Main image courtesy of Landco Pacific Corp.


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