Most Popular Wellness Amenities in Homes During the Pandemic

Along with the new normal, the pandemic has changed the home buyers’ preferences for home amenities. One key insight in Lamudi’s latest trend report titled Provincial cities and overseas interest contribute to real estate resilience is the fact that more people are paying attention to facilities that promote wellness

It’s not surprising at all given the health crisis the world is facing today. People have become more conscious about the state of their well-being now, and it’s translating to their property buying choices. 

In the trend report, it was revealed that some home features have shifted from optional to essential, while others have long been a must-have, but have gained more importance given the new lifestyle patterns brought by the pandemic era.

If you’re considering buying a home during this time, it’s worth knowing what features other buyers are looking for, so you can get an idea of what to watch out for yourself. Here are the most popular wellness amenities in properties today:

Swimming Pool

According to Lamudi’s insights, pools have always enjoyed great demand among property seekers amid the nationwide lockdowns. In fact, in the previous trend report titled Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis, swimming pools have accounted for 11 percent of the searches on the Lamudi platform in the first half of 2020.

Physical activity is important in keeping oneself less vulnerable to illnesses. Since swimming is a full-body workout, engaging major muscle groups and improving cardiovascular endurance, it’s not completely unexpected that many property buyers would want to have pools in their next homes. More than an exercise routine, swimming reduces anxiety, which is something you would want during a stressful time such as in a pandemic.


Similar to swimming pools, gyms have sustained popularity regardless of the quarantine situation in the country. This solidifies the idea that people have become more health-conscious when the pandemic hit. More importantly, they want wellness facilities to be within their community to reduce the exposure and time spent outdoors.

If you’re looking for a residential community equipped with fitness centers, make sure to ask the property manager about the safety protocols they’ve been implementing. Remember that gyms can be hotbeds for coronaviruses. The moist, warm air inside the enclosed space, together with the panting behaviors of gym-goers, can increase the risk for infection.

Before putting your money down on a condo unit, ask the management about their measures. How frequently do they clean and disinfect the premises? What measures have they adopted to control the number of people using the facilities? What happens when a gym-goer-resident becomes sick?


According to the latest Lamudi data, 12.34 percent of searches made in the first half of 2020 were related to the outdoors, including gardens. It’s not a secret that many have developed the green habit this quarantine, being #plantitos and #plantitas. Aside from relieving boredom at home, gardening is good for physical and mental well-being. 

Planting tasks, such as digging, raking, weeding, and mowing, allow your body to move, which essentially counts as a workout. At the same time, it reduces anxiety as it allows you to focus on productive tasks, interact with nature, and achieve a sense of fulfillment when you’re able to cultivate a plant into its maturity. All of these help relieve the stress of facing new normal demands.

On top of these physical and mental well-being benefits, there’s the added nutritional advantage in the fact that you can grow your own healthy food when you get into vegetable farming. Gardens are a must-have in the time of the pandemic, which may be part of the reason that many are choosing vacant land developments.


Balconies are included in the searches related to outdoor spaces. There’s a good chance that some people searching for these home features prefer a more compact space (a property that doesn’t necessarily have a big backyard) or the vertical lifestyle. 

The balconies can serve as a mini garden area. To some, it can be a recreational space, where they can do yoga and meditation, paint, or catch up with their spouse and kids. Still, there are some who would use balconies as their work area. The view of the city relieves stress and shakes off cabin fever blues, in a way.

The new normal has changed buyers’ preferences for home features. Wellness amenities have become essential now more than ever. Perhaps it’s time to consider it in your residential options.

To know more about the latest real estate trends, download Lamudi’s latest trend report here.


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