Nine Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

We now pronounce these housewarming gifts as the most creative and functional of them all

How do you choose a wedding gift if the couple has no gift registry to choose from? You don’t want to end up purchasing something as common as a rice cooker. When shopping for the right housewarming present, it is essential to choose something both unique and meaningful. Think of it as a tool that will help them make their new place feel like home.

Skip the usual cutlery and picture frame. Consider these unique wedding gift ideas for newlyweds building a future together.


Bar cart

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Bar cart. Photo from FTD Flowers va Flickr Creative Commons

This metal and wood bar cart is for the couple who loves hosting get-togethers at home. Gift them with this elegant yet convenient way to transport and serve drinks around the room. They can even simply place this against the wall so visitors can come and pour themselves a glass. A compact bar cart is ideal for owners of small living spaces like townhouses and condo units.


WiFi range extender

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Wi-Fi range extender. Photo via Depositphotos

If your recipients’ new home is extra spacious or built with thick walls, internet connection might be a challenge. That means no access to social media, Google, emails, and whatnot. A sleek and handy WiFi range extender that can find the best location for optimal WiFi and can boost their internet connection would be an effective solution. Bring out the tech master in you and surprise the couple with this unique gift that should solves their connectivity worries.


Bean bag chair

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Bean bag chair. Photo via Depositphotos

A neutral-colored bean bag chair can easily fit into the home decor of a couple whose home decor is on the casual side. This practical gift can easily go in a corner to create a cozy little nook. It provides comfy seating for the couple as they sit and relax together while reading books or watching a movie. One of the best things about a bean bag chair is that it is easily movable and does not have to take up a lot of space.


Flip rack

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Wall rack. Photo via Depositphotos

A flip rack—a coat rack imposed on a wall—makes use of individual panels that pivot out whenever you need to hang up an item. It is a great way to organize jackets, shawls, bags, hats, and other things you use daily. It’s highly convenient when you’re trying to save space while avoiding any mishaps like bumping into the rack when it’s not being used. You can simply flip them back in and out whenever you want.


Vase bookends

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Flower vase and books. Photo via Depositphotos

The best type of home accessory is one that is both attractive and functional. If your recipients are bookworms, give them flower vase bookends. Bookends that double as decorative vases look elegant keeping their books upright or simply placed on top of a coffee table. Apart from books, the couple can even use them to organize notebooks, notepads, magazines, and other desktop items.


Essentials organizer

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Bathroom organizer set. Photo from Depositphotos

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that gets  cluttered easily, making it look even more cramped. Help out the newlyweds by giving them a bathroom essentials organizer. There are ones with bottles and containers that match to create a unified look. Then there are the all-in-one holders with separate compartments for things like hand soap, toothbrush, and cotton balls. You can even give the couple his-and-hers organizers so they can keep their personal care items separate and not have to fight over accidentally using each other’s toothbrush.


Eco-friendly water filter carafe

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Clear water filter pitcher. Photo from Depositphotos

Set up the newlyweds for a life of good health and wellness in their new home with a sustainable water filter carafe. This kind of filter removes all sorts of toxins found in water like mercury and copper. Also, the lid automatically opens when placed under the faucet, so no need to touch it with your hands. This filter is made with 60% plant-based renewable materials, so you’re surely helping out the environment with this gift, too. It also has a volume of 80 ounces, which yields about ten cups of water.


Smart storage containers for vegetables

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Vegetable storage containers. Photo via Depositphotos

There are now scientifically designed storage bins that would help extend the shelf life and freshness of your fruits and vegetables. This storage container features closeable vents so you can easily control the flow of air within the bins. Each compartment also has a slotted bottom that doubles as a colander for rinsing. There is also a removable tray to hold in just enough water for varieties of food that need humidity. This is one give that is not only multipurpose but should also lessen the couple’s food waste.


Compact swivel cheese board

Nine unique housewarming gift ideas for newlyweds
Cheese board. Photo via Depositphotos

Inspired by a cheese wheel, this swivel board starts out as a wedge and opens up into different tiers where you can prepare a classic aperitif and cheese platter. The space-saving design also makes it easy to store in cupboards. It even has a built-in drawer which can be used to store tools like cheese knives and forks. This is a great investment especially if the couple often invites friends over for dinner. But apart from being a cheeseboard, the new homeowners can also use this as a breakfast tray where they can lay out different kinds of jam and bread.


Main photo via Depositphotos


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